Science and Culture of St. Petersburg. Almanac number 2.. (2000)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: N. Alekseeva, D. Believ, A. Maklerov, A. Markov

Operators: V. Petuhov

Reel №1

Part I. The city of St.


Brain Institute.

Application of computed tomography for examination of the brain.

Brain surgery.

MD, head of the Laboratory of stereotactic methods AD Anichkov gives comments (synchronous and behind the scenes).

City of St.


Embankments and canals.

Exposure and museum exhibits Freud Museum - dreams.

Part II. The theme is the use of music in the industrial noise.

Musicians playing on springs and homemade musical instruments.

Traffic on the streets of the city.


Petersburg Zoo.

Head of primates L. Vostriakov engaged with his pet orangutan cub Framework.

Ramon engaged with undergraduates Petersburg University Dubinin.

Father and mother Ramona - Rabu and Monica draw with crayons.

Key words

Zoology. Museums. Music. Zoos. Medicine. Care for the population.

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