Society and nature.. (1988)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: G. Mihajlova

Operators: V. Zabolotnov


Of the unity of existence between society and nature and its contradictions.


Temporary description

Ladoga. Environmental consequences of industrial development and agricultural Promstoki -syasstroy mill Manufacture toilet paper, Apatite-nepheline plant in the Kola Peninsula. Pashskiy livestock complex. The desert in the place of the former Aral sea. Spraying chemicals from the plane. Rye. Collecting drift wood on the river. The Oyat river. Pitkyaranta. Discharges the capacitor after production of cellulose. Priozerskiy CDC. Chips. Footage of an atomic explosion, tank doctrine. Selling drinking water, hunger.

Reel №1

Sias pulp and paper mill: conveyor beams, production line, napkins, toilet paper.

Factory wastewater treatment plant; worker takes a sample of water.

Factory dump crust; bulldozer works.

Livestock Industry farm "Pashsky."

Gobies in the calf.

Conveyors bring the manure.

From the pipe on the pouring dilute manure.

Cranberry bog bathed manure.

Drainage ditch.


Former bottom of the Aral Sea; abandoned village, the boat on seacoast.

Fish, who died in oiled sea.


Birds purified oil.

Floating crane pulls out of sunken logs Oyat river barge with logs.


Wildfire, running spotted deer.

Scientific staff on board sorted, measured, and weighed the fish caught in Lake Ladoga.

Pulp and paper mill in

Pitkyarante (Karelia), the production of cellulose capacitor; industrial waste water.

Outdated treatment facilities combine.

Indoor health service pulp and paper mill in

Priozerske; disused railway line the road, unmount Equipment Factory.

Landscape on the shore of Lake Ladoga.

Scheme of Lake Ladoga; conditional distribution of river water pollution of Lake Ladoga, the Neva, the Gulf of Finland.

Key words

Pulp and paper industry. Protection of nature and environment. Environmental disasters. State agricultural enterprises. Natural disasters.

Reel №2