Last underground Lenin.. (1960)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: S.I.Bartenev

Operators: K.I.Pogodin

Other authors: V.D.Dyomin, P.E.Nikitin, M.P.Cibasov. V.P.Chistyakov


The film tells about the life of Lenin period from July 1917 to October 1917, when he was hiding from arrest to safe houses in Petrograd, in flood and in Finland. The film uses newsreel footage and dramatizations of some historical events in Petrograd and in flood held from July to October 1917. Perhaps, the film fragments of feature films.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Book "Memories of Lenin."

Newsreel footage, captured during the life of Lenin: Lenin in the Kremlin courtyard on the walk to recovery after injury: talking with VD Bonch-Senate Square. of

Moscow, October 16, 1918

Lenin monument on the tab "Emancipation of Labour" on Prechistenskaya embankment.

Moscow, May 1, 1920

Lenin on Red Square during a military parade Vsevobuch.

Moscow, May 25, 1918

Sverdlov, Lenin's funeral.

Speech at the memorial meeting on Red Square.

Moscow, March 19, 1919

Through pages of the book "Memories of Lenin.

Opens the chapter "Last underground Lenin."

Newsreels 1917:

Demonstration in the streets of Petrograd / July 4, 1917 /.

Demonstrators carry banners "Down with the capitalist ministers", "Workers of the world unite."

Shooting demonstration (staging?).

View of buildings in Leningrad on the Moika Embankment. 32/2, which in 1917 was the newspaper "Pravda" organ of the Central Committee and the RSDLP (b), and where a memorial museum.

General view of the restored environment cabinets editors.

General view of the house number 52/9 Broad Street, on the Petrograd side, where from April 4 to July 5, 1917 in the apartment of his sister - Anna Ulyanova Anna, hiding from the Provisional Government, Lenin.

Interior view of the front door, apartment.

Interiors recreates the atmosphere of the memorial museum-apartment in a period when it lived, Lenin and Krupskaya.

Staged footage defeat the newspaper "Pravda", which was in the house 32/2 on the Moika Embankment shooting July demonstration; young newsboy on the street handing out the newspaper "Rech."

Behind the scenes tells about all movements of Lenin from apartment to apartment and all illustrated surveys of streets and houses in which he perebyvali, hiding from the persecution of the Provisional Government.

General view apartments Bolshevik S.Ya.

Allilueva working at home on a former 10th Christmas street where Lenin was transferred before be in flood.

General view of the situation at that time re-created in the memorial museum-apartment.

Staged shots search of the apartment on Broad Street.

Page of Brownie books for registration of incoming and outgoing, with a note on arrival

Ulyanov and Krupskaya, and on their departure to an unknown destination.

View search protocols on Broad Street in St.


General view of the Petrograd card indicating the route by which Lenin went down to Seaside Station.

Streets and courtyards, which took Lenin.

Spill Station.

Street in the village.

View from the house working Sestroretsky N.A.Emelyanova armory, which Lenin stopped after left Petrograd.

View loft, where he lived.

Part 2.

Lake scenery spill.

Sunrise over the lake.

Trees on the edge of the forest.

Hemp, which sat at work, Lenin, lurking in flood.

General view of Lenin's hut.

Staged shots that recreate the image of the past, when in flood hiding Lenin: hut haycock lit church, in a pot boiling water kettle.

Newsreels period 1917: demonstration in Petrograd; members of the State Conference, which was held in Moscow in August 1017, at the Bolshoi Theatre.

General L.Kornilov in a group of officers.

Kerensky surrounded by supporters entering the building.

Staged shots: official at the table, writes ordered the arrest of Lenin.

Locomotive is part of (VO is a story about a secret smuggle Lenin in Finland).

General view of the Helsingfors (Helsinki).

Interiors apartment Social Democrat Rovno, where Lenin lived for some time.

Movement of the locomotive on the rail (behind the scenes is a story about the return of Lenin October 7, 1917 in Petrograd).

General view of house number 1 in Serdobolskaya Street in St.

Petersburg, where the apartment is a member of the party illegally M.Fofanovoy

Lenin stayed after his return.

Reconstituted equipped rooms memorial museum-apartment of Lenin.

Type of house number 32 on Karpovka embankment, where the meeting took RSDLP (b), which adopted a resolution on Lenin preparing an armed uprising.

General view of buildings in Petrograd, where Lenin met with the organizers of the uprising.

View newspaper article Zinoviev and Kamenev, in which they reveal the plan of insurrection.

Lenin letter in response to the article (MLTP).

Staged footage, which depicted the events preceding the rebellion: arming troops loyal to the Provisional Government, the movement of these units on trucks at night to Petrograd.

Fragments from the film: a general view of Smolny - Staff Bolsheviks on the night of the uprising.

Smolny room after the victory of the uprising during the Congress of Soviets, Lenin goes across the hall (general plan).

Key words

RSDLP (b). Socio-political movement. The October Revolution of 1917. City. Finland. Trains. Settlements. Maintenance of public order.