In the Barents Sea. (1956)

Documentary №51424, 1 part, duration: 0:10:01
Production: LSDF
Director:A. Fedorov
Camera operators:A. Pogorelij


The city of Murmansk: streets, port. Fishing on the trawler "Dobrolyubov". Life and work of the trawler crew.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The city of Murmansk: streets, port.

Fishing on the trawler "Dobrolyubov".

Life and work of the trawler crew.

Panorama of Murmansk.

Streets of Murmansk.

The ship is at the pier.

Panorama of berths filled with fishing vessels.

A port crane carries containers with fish.

A refrigerated trawler is standing at the pier.

The trawler "Dobrolyubov" sails on the Barents Sea.

The captain's bridge, captain A. G. Elensky observes the work of the helmsman.

In the chart room, the navigator plots the ship's course.

Fishermen prepare nets for fishing.

The captain examines the sea.

Panorama of the sea.

The ship's pipe.

The captain looks out the window.

The radar antenna is working.

The captain's cabin.

The captain looks at the radar screen.

The bow of the trawler.

Excitement at sea.

Gulls are flying over the sea.

A storm at sea.

A trawler on the background of storm waves.

Fishermen are resting in the cabin.

Food is being prepared in the galley.

The cook puts the fishermen's lunch into portions.

A galley worker bakes fresh bread.

The table is served in the mess hall.

Panorama of the trawler deck.

The captain is on the bridge.

The captain looks into the echo sounder.

The trawl descends into the sea.

Fishermen watch the trawl.

The captain directs the movement of the vessel during fishing.

Panorama of the Dobrolyubov deck.

A vessel engaged in fishing near the Dobrolyubov trawler.

The search vessel is looking for new places for fishing for trawlers.

A trial trawl with fish is pulled out of the sea.

The captain of the search vessel P. A. Zadorin calculates the fishing opportunities in this area of the sea.

Fishermen measure the size of the fish caught.

The fish are marked and released into the sea.

The search vessel marks the place with a buoy and goes further, for a new exploration.

The first to arrive at the new fishing place is the heavy-duty trawler "Stalingrad".

The deck of the ship.

The captain of the trawler Grigory Kalinich watches the movement of the vessel through the porthole of the captain's cabin.

The captain's cabin of the trawler "Stalingrad".

The fishermen of the trawler choose a trawl with fish.

Fishermen sort and process the fish.

Fishermen of the Dobrolyubov trawler choose a trawl with fish with a special device in the stern of the vessel.

The trawl is dragged into the ship.

Senior Master Romanov directs the selection of the trawl.

The fish is loaded into the interior of the vessel, into a refrigerator.

The automatic line washes, cuts and packages the fish.

The workers on the ship pack the fish and send it for freezing.

Frozen fish briquettes are packed in large boxes.

The line for the production of canned fish.

The ship's captain is on the bridge.

The ship's crew is resting.

A fisherman plays the piano,other team members play chess, prepare a wall newspaper.

A projectionist is preparing a movie for viewing.

Workers on truler read books in the library.

The trawler "Dobrolyubov" returns to the port.

Trawlers at sea.

Key words

Maritime transport and road.

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