The International Race in the City of Pardubice.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Artseulov O.

Operators: Artseulov O.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


On the International Point-to-Point Horse Racing in Pardubice.

Temporary description

Pardubice. On the field of grazing horses. Hippodrome. The crowd in the stands. Races begin. Athletes overcome obstacles. Among the athletes participating from the Soviet Union: L. Baklyshkin and V. Prahov, who became the winner of the race.

Reel №1

Old poplar - panorama of the plan.


Racecourse in Pardubice - the overall plan.

Maples - the average plan.

Autumn, trees with yellowed autumn leaves - panorama of the plan.

Autumn in the forest - panorama of the plan.

Flies and yellow maple leaf falls on the meadow.

Hunter is in the autumn forest - the average plan.

Rabbit runs across a forest clearing - the average plan.

Flying bird in the forest - the average plan.

Picture: the hunter on a horse - the average plan.

Hunters on horseback overcome obstacles, racing after prey - a few different pictures.

Frisky strong horses run out of the stables in the woods - the general plan.

The trunk of the old maple tree - close-up (fall).

Horses graze in a meadow dotted with yellow leaves.

Foal's head - close-up.

Head of horses, riders on horseback.

Horse head with bridle - close-up.

Riders throw rugs with horses.

The riders prepare their horses to participate in the steeplechase - Grand Pardubice steeplechase, Chez.

The reflection of the riders in the mirror surface of a pond - the average plan.

Riders go around horses on open field - the general plan.

Participants Steeple Chez train horses, those acquainted with the obstacles.

One of the contestants on the bank checks the soil Serpent Trench.

Riders overcome water obstacles in prikidochnyh training.

Soviet Prakhov horseman on a horse.

Panorama of the Snake Ditch - one of the obstacles to the Pardubice steeplechase, Chez, yellow maple leaves float on the water in the ditch, a reflection of the old poplar trees in still water of the moat.

Frog popped out of the water - close-up.

Obstacle "Big Taxis" - hedge of bushes with hidden behind a ditch five meters wide and 2 meters deep - panorama of the plan, several plans.

Empty stables in Pardubice, view on an empty race track (between competitions), the overall plan.

Empty tables deserted cafe.

Cafe with many visitors who came to the equestrian events.

Brisk trade in food from the stalls at the racetrack in the days of equestrian competition.

A lot of people at the track in the jubilee celebrations Pardubice race - the 70th anniversary of the competition.

Czech-old spectator at the track - close-up.

The decorations on the racetrack.

Spectators are reading and discussing the program, are stairs for easy viewing.

Men climb on trees.

The spectators in the stands - the overall plan.

On the stump around the racetrack - the panorama.

Viewers curiously looking up.

Air athletes descend by parachute to the racetrack to congratulate riders on the anniversary.

Parachutists landed on the racetrack, welcomed the "Vityaz" - winners of the Grand Pardubice steeplechase, Chez - a common, average plans.

"Knights" - winners of the last two years - the Soviet athletes Fedin and the dust on the racetrack accept congratulations paratroopers.

A reply to the greeting appears in smoke.

Picture - the rider overcome water obstacles - the average plan.

On the withdrawal of Soviet horse racetrack epigraph, who was the winner here two years in a row.

On the field output Czechoslovak horses.

Ashes to "epigraph" and other past winners of horse races passing on the racetrack.

Reel №2

Itinerary in equestrian competitions in Pardubice (multrabota) - close-up.

On the racecourse leaves dust in an epigraph (№ 14), then the other contestants and spend their horses in front of the audience - a common, medium, large plans.

Spectators at the race track.

Given start Big Steeple chezu.

PNRM. on the race track, race riders to overcome the obstacles.

Riders go beyond the racetrack, take water obstacles.

The spectators along the course.

Riders approach the "Big Taxis" - a complex and difficult obstacle, overcome the "Big taxis", several riders fall with horses.

Overcame the "Big taxis" continue the match.

Riders approach the "Irish trap" - the first is a Soviet athlete Sukharev on Energy, several riders take "Irish trap."

Barrier "Small taxis" Sukharev overcome the energy, followed by dust in the epigraph, Czech Rayzner third, fourth Leo Baklashkin (USSR).

Overcoming water hazard "Snake ditch": overcomes his epigraph, energy, CAREC, some horses, fearing obstacles, pass ditch wading.

Large water hazard is epigraph.

Energetic "falls.

Ahead is the master of sports V. dust in epigraphs.

The final segment is the distance epigraph safely and the first to finish.

Behind him is a Soviet athlete Leo Baklashkin horse basis.

The winner of the Grand Pardubice steeplechase, Chez - Soviet athlete V. dust by an epigraph - pet stud "Sunrise" Krasnodar Territory, the first horse in the history of the sport, which won for the third year in a row - panorama.

2nd Place - Leo Baklashkin, 3rd - Czech athlete Report - average plans.

Winners perform a lap of honor.

The audience applauds.

Ashes on the epigraph makes a victory lap.