Murmansk.. (1984)

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Producer LSDF

Director: V. Naumov

Operators: Yu. Aleksandrov

Other authors: V. Zhukov, M. Yurjev, P. Pocelueva, V. Sislov

Reel №1

1h. - Fishermen on the deck of the fishing vessel.

Trawler at sea.

Streets of Murmansk.

Ships in port.

Icebreakers in ice.

Parade on the streets.

Skier finishes.

Racing reindeer harnesses.

Start ski marathon.

2h. - Sailors on the streets.

Monument to Lenin.

Monument to the sailors of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Monument to the Liberator Soldier.

Chronicle: explosions, shooting guns, time on the beach.

Gun monument on a pedestal.

Monument to Alexander Bredov.

Builders building a house.

Municipal Theatre.

Key words

Fishing. Individual sports. National sports. City. Monuments. Building. The Great Patriotic War.