Entrepreneurs.. (1985)

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Producer LSDF

Director: V.Semenyuk

Script writers: V.Semenyuk

Operators: V.Mihaljchenko

Recordist: L.Lerner


The film tells about the origin of private enterprise in the years of perestroika, the parallel with the NEP period. A report filmed at the Leningrad center cooperative trade at the dawn of the establishment of a market economy in Russia, in the distant 1988, the year. Brave pioneers of the market - cooperators sell their simple wares, arguing with disgruntled customers.

Reel №1

Vendors at the fair talk about their activities, the difficulties they have encountered in the production of goods and the prospects for individual activities in our country (sinhr.).

Buyers talk about his relationship to private enterprise, complain about high prices, resent the growing prosperity of entrepreneurs (sinhr.).

Vendors offer their goods to buyers.

General view of the Fair (removed from the upper point).

Puppets dancing on the table.

In the film, newsreels of the 1920s.: Trade in the market, hawkers on the street fair, the streets of Moscow, restaurants, shops, a workers' demonstration prgotiv "Nepmen."

Key words

Economic policy. Private trade. Theatre.

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