Katchalov.. (1964)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: S. Kozjminskij

Operators: G. Chumakov, V. Sivkov

Other authors: A. Muralev (muzika)


The film is dedicated to the actor of the Moscow Art Theater VI Katchalov. The film draws Gosfilmofond and TSGAKFD (RGAKFD).

Reel №1

Chronicle. 1928-1948, the city Kachalov reads (synchronous) excerpts from the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexander Blok, Dostoevsky, E. Bagritsky.

Fragments of the performances (synchronous) "The Cherry Orchard" (Katchalov as Gaeva, Knipper-Chekhov as Ranevskaya, "The Lower Depths" (Katchalov as Baron).

Fragments of the feature film "White Eagle" (synchronously). V.Kachalov as governor.

Kachalov on discussing plays Sun

Ivanov's "Armored Train 14-69" (present: Stanislavsky, VF Gribunin, V. Luga, AL Vishnevsky, MP Lilina, IM Moskvin); in the makeup room of the theater;  a walk in the woods; comes out of the house at home, getting into his car; in a radio studio during the recording of the show.

Photos Kachalov (VI Shverubovich) in different years.

Photographs of scenes from the plays staged by the Moscow Art Theater.

Excerpts from the play "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich."

In the role of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich - IM Moskvin.

Playbill MAT.


Streets and buildings.

Embankment of the Neva River.

Aleksandrinsky theater building.

Building and premises of former Suvorinsky theater.

Lithuania. of



Historic architecture of the building.

Birthplace Kachalov.

The former gymnasium.

Key words

City. Theatre. Architecture. Fiction. Cinema.