Cyprus.. (1962)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A. Vagin, B. Golovnya

Operators: A. Vagin, B. Golovnya

Other authors: R. Gubajdullin (muzika), L. Hmara (tekst).

Reel №1

The Republic of Cyprus.


Landscapes Sea, the island of Cyprus.


The population of Cyprus different sex, age, nationality at home, at work.

Shepherds with flocks of sheep on the pasture.

Highways in the mountains.

The ruins of temples and palaces.

Part of the British armed forces in the streets.

Movement of military vehicles with soldiers.

Celebrations devoted to the second anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic.

Demonstration and dancing inhabitants of the island.

City of Famagusta.

Fishing boats in the sea.

Fishermen catch and sell fish.

The ancient castle (day and night shooting).


Donkey twirls wheel well.

Picking grapes.

Levkara village.

Streets and buildings.

Preparing for a wedding and wedding celebrations.

Weavers, embroiderers, lace makers at work.

Lace embroidered fabric.

Potters and painters made clay jugs and dishes.

Varnavskiy monastery.


Icon workshop.


Streets and buildings.




Trade in vegetables, cattle tissues.

Puppet theater performance artists in kindergarten.

International Fair.

Soviet pavilion.

Among the visitors: Archbishop Makarios, Yuri Gagarin.

Key words

Polity. Islam. Pre-school education. Handicraft industry. Arts and crafts. Life. Christianity. Landscapes. Economic ties. Military ties. Architecture. City. Road transport and road. Fishing. Private trade. Livestock. Painting.