At a Meeting Of Ministers Of Foreign Affairs In Geneva.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Operators: Kasatkin P.


About the meeting of Ministers of foreing affairs of England, France, the USSR and USA related to the peace pact with Germany and termination of the occupation regime.

Historical background

May 11, 1959 in Geneva at the Palais des Nations began its work, the Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Temporary description

Switzerland, Geneva. Townscape. Square, blooming flowerbeds. Lake Geneva. Palais des Nations. Traffic, pedestrians on the streets. Police regulates the movement. Meeting delegations of the USA, France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union at the airport and railway station. Residence of the Soviet delegation. Gromyko met with DY Hammarskjold (UN Secretary-General), Couve de Murville (France), L. Bolz (GDR), Herter (USA), C. Lloyd (UK); receives a delegation of the Democratic Women's Union of Germany . The heads of delegation at a luncheon at the head of the Political Department of Switzerland M. Ptinera. Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Palais des Nations. Members of the delegation in the meeting room. Present: Herter, S. Lloyd, Couve de Murville, L. Boltzmann, Greve (Germany), Andrei Gromyko. Printing House. Press conference. Stands VA Zorin.

Reel №1

Square in front of the Palace of Nations (see Lake Geneva).

Flowerbed with tulips.

The streets of Geneva.

Residents in the streets of Geneva.

Bridge, decorated with the flags of the cantons of Switzerland.

The railway station in Geneva.

Train arrives with a delegation of the German Democratic Republic, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the GDR Lothar Bolz (acts).

Arrival of the delegation led by German Foreign Minister von Brentano.

Informal meeting:

Visit of UN Secretary-General Hammarskjöld Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko.

AA meeting Gromyko Couve de Murville.

Lothar Bolz visit to AA Gromyko.

Conversation with Gromyko Herter.

Conversation with Gromyko Selwyn Lloyd.

The Democratic Women's Union of Germany in the Soviet residence.

Bridge over Lake Geneva.

The building, where he was head of the delegation gave a luncheon head of the Political Department of Switzerland Max Ptiperom.

M. Ptiper greets invited.

Palace of Nations - the average plan.

Machine at the entrance (and are approaching).

Passes Gromyko.

Out of the car and run Herter, Selwyn Lloyd, Lothar Bolz and members of the delegation, the delegation of the Federal Republic.

Delegation took seats around the table.

General view of the conference room.

Printing House in Geneva - the average plan.

Press conference at the Press House.

Sit correspondents.

Deputy acts.

Foreign Minister Zorin.

The overall plan of the Palace of Nations.