Patterns of development of the world socialist system. (1982)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Matveeva V.

Script writers: Matveeva V.

Recordist: B.Pozdnyakov

Music designer: M.Bargman


The film examines the main provisions and laws of development of world system of socialism, as the basis used by the Soviet and foreign newsreels over the years. Recommended by the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the USSR for use as a textbook in institutions of higher education.

Foreign policy | International cooperation | Educational films

Reel №1

Frames the film:

The Cruiser "Aurora".


The crowd runs to the Palace square.

Animation: the spread of socialism in the world.

Residents welcomed the military.

In the streets marching groups of volunteers.

The bell tolls.

Anti-fascist demonstration.

People were running down the street.

The view from the window.

Dead on the sidewalk.

People carry a body from the street.

The tank is deployed at the intersection.

Soviet troops on the streets of Prague.

Participants in the demonstration.


The crowd of people.

The man at the microphone on the podium.

Participants in the meeting.

The man throws the newspaper into the crowd.


A handful of earth in his hands.

Agricultural machinery in the yard.

Farmers welcomed the leaders.

F. V. R. Rush speaks to the people.

G. M. Dimitrov on the podium.

The Map Of Europe.

Split screen: map, footage of the rally at the center.

Split screen: footage of the rally on the map.

East Asia countries on the map.

Vietnamese soldiers.

Soldiers with flowers in their hands.

Residents greeted the soldiers.

The flags above the crowd.

Policy contract.

Selling Newspapers on the street.

A man reading a newspaper.


Articles in the Newspapers.

Participants in the meeting.

Leaflet in hand.

People greet each other.

The transfer of Soviet agricultural equipment.

People ride on a tractor.

Delivery of Soviet wheat to Croatia, opened the door of the car.

Unloading wheat.

Typographic printing.

The issue of the newspaper "Pravda".

The alternation of the CMEA in different countries, the meetings of the CMEA.

Hotel "Uzhgorod".

The poster at the entrance.

Animation: countries of the world socialist Commonwealth.

The "world socialist community".

People walk past the entrance to the building.

Fragments of political meetings.

"Comprehensive rapprochement of the socialist countries, their fraternal cooperation and mutual assistance".

Alternation: people with flowers and flags, meeting politicians.

Fragments of the meetings.

Students in the classroom.

A meeting of scientists.

City streets.


On stage carried the basket of flowers.

The applause of the audience.


People walk past posters.

Government motorcade.

People waving flags.

Meeting of the participants of the program "inter-space".

"The international socialist division of labor".

The descent of ships on the water.

The applause from the crowd.

The opening of the Kremikovtsi steel plant.

Production processes.

The production of machine tools in Czechoslovakia.

Chemical plant in East Germany.

A man riding in an electric car.

Bulgarian electric cars.

The trucks in front of the building.

Trucks work at the port.

Hungarian buses "Ikarus".

The view from the bus window.

The entrance to the bridge (cockpit view).

New buses in the Parking lot.

The Hungarian production of electrical equipment for "Lada".

New cars entering the train platform.

"Development of economic integration".

Industrial objects.

XXV session of the CMEA.

A comprehensive program in different languages.

Industrial construction.

Transcontinental oil pipeline "Druzhba".

Workers are on site.

Operates the mud pump.

The construction of the pipeline.


Peak F. V. R.-German party, state and political figure, President of the GDR. GM Dimitrov-Bulgarian revolutionary, General Secretary of the BCP Central Committee. Brezhnev, L. I. -- state and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Castro, F. A.-Cuban revolutionary, statesman, politician and party leader, 1st Secretary of the Communist party of Cuba.


1945 1947-1949 1950е-1960s


Czech Republic [59] Bulgaria [34] Croatia [56] Hungary [100] Poland [177] GDR [849] Vietnam [240] USSR [863]

Reel №2

Petrochemical plant in the Schweppes.

Chemical works in Bratislava.

Construction of the plants.

Orenburg pipeline (shooting from the air).

A tractor drives up the pipe.

The animation: the contribution of the Commonwealth in the construction.


A man goes on a pipe.



State flags.

"The trend towards the creation of a single world economy of the socialist countries".

The alternation of high-voltage transmission lines, the Central dispatch center in Prague.

Experts Dubna research center fraternal countries.

"Rapid and sustained growth of the economy and the systematic nature of its development."

Animation: the growth of industrial production in the CMEA countries.

Ads at gas stations.

People pull the car.

Animation: the growth of labor productivity in the CMEA countries.

Meeting of the CMEA.

Exchange trades.

The meeting in the Kremlin.

On the podium, Li Brezhnev.

Construction work.

Alignment of levels of economic, political and cultural development of the countries of socialism."

Plowing with oxen.

Horses rotate the wheels.

The bucket with water rises from the well.

A man pours water into a trough.

The horse's legs, spinning millstones.

Yak caravan in the desert.

Mongolian Yurt.

Family in Yurt.

Policy sign the documents.


The construction of the GOK "Erdenet" Mongolia.

Workers of the plant.


Cuban slums.

Children on the street.

The man breaks down the house.

The children standing in the doorway.

View of the building from under the bridge.

Students in the classroom.

Students go through the yard.

Harvesting sugar cane.

The inhabitants of the cities.

"Joint defense of the gains of socialism against attacks all enemies foreign and domestic".

Views Of Warsaw.

The Warsaw Pact.

State flags.


The meeting of Ministers.


D. F. Ustinov.

The Soviet soldiers.


Takeoff fighter.

Aircraft carrier in the ocean (shooting from the air).

Headquarters under a camouflage net.


Command post.

Fighters in the sky.

Revolution in the air (shooting the plane).

The output of the soldiers from the helicopter.

The soldiers run through the smoke.

The Commission observes drills.

The demonstration in Beijing.

Policy at the podium.

A poster on the street.

V. M. Blumenthal met with Chinese politicians.

The Vietnamese refugees.

A small child.

Refugees flee ruined city.

The training of soldiers.

US flag in front of the Capitol building.


The inscription on the tank.

Container loading to the ship.


A freight train on the railroad.

XXVI Congress of the CPSU.

At the microphone is L. I. Brezhnev.

Participants in the demonstration.

Panorama of the red square.


Brezhnev, L. I. DF Ustinov-Soviet political and military figure, Marshal of the Soviet Union, hero of the Soviet Union, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, the Soviet defense Minister. Blumenthal V. M. -- historian, Professor, diplomat, US Minister of Finance. Tung Biu-Chinese statesman and political figure, acting Chairman of the PRC.


1970s 1981


Czech Republic [59] GDR [849] Poland [177] Cuba [57] England [67] Italy [110] Mongolia [147] China [46] Vietnam [240]