Why not fly falls from the ceiling?. (1981)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A. Belenjkij

Script writers: A. Bikov, R. Scherbakov

Operators: V. Masurenkov, V. Novgorodcev

Recordist: N. Roginskaya

Other authors: V. Zlotov


The film tells about the Moscow engineer and inventor, M. S. Claudian, creating engines operating on the principles of bionics.

Science | Figures of science

Reel №1

Photo of the human eye.

Panorama pipeline communications industrial enterprises.

Pipe communications.

Designer M. S. Claudia is conducting a study of insects to solve the problem of cleaning pipes communications.

Crawling caterpillar.

View brush trabajada, invented by Klavdiev.

Brush tropokhod out the pipe.

Bends pipe communication.

Photos Claudian working on the problem of cleaning the pipe bends.

A fly on the table surface.

The fly on the ceiling.

Poolvilla on the legs of flies, allowing her to stay on the ceiling.

Photos Claudian and legs flies with poolville.

Suspension of cargo to the usual household suction Cup, the suction Cup slides down the tile.

A fly on upside down on the glass surface.

View poolvilla on the foot of a fly under a microscope.

Photos poolville, magnified by the microscope.

The influence of nerve fibers in the foot of a fly.

Photos Italian at work.

The laboratory staff of the Belarusian Institute of heat and mass transfer conducting research.

Mixing of electrorheological suspensions.

The experiment with the disk with the applied slurry, the disc under tension resists the force of the follower.

The slurry flows from the tap like water, becomes viscous after application of voltage.

The particles in suspension under a microscope while applying a voltage.

The current model of the bionic engine.

Universal robot Claudian moves along the wall with impregnated rheological suspension (animation).

A fly on the glass surface, the head flies.

Photos of the eyes of flies and the human eye.




Moscow [820]

Institutions of science; Flora and fauna