According to archeologists.. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Belenjkij A.

Script writers: Kagarlickij V.

Operators: Voronov R.


On the history of the medieval state of "Golden Empire" that existed on the territory of Primorye.


Reel №1

The map of the Far East territory of "Golden Empire".

Far Eastern landscape, panorama ocean beach and the Bay.

Bone artifacts found on the territory of the "Golden Empire," a burning candle.

The feet of running horses, burning grass and trees, paintings depicting the Mongol invasion.

Dying candles.

View of a section of the river with trees on the banks.

View of the forest.

Panorama of forest and hills, far-Eastern landscapes.

Panorama of the site of archaeological excavations in the woods.

Archaeologists carried out excavations of one of jurjansky settlements, the hands of the archaeologists, a cleansing from the earth of valuable findings.

Panorama excavated Shaiginskoye mountain settlement.

Remnants of the heating system of dwellings.

View of the rocky settlement, the panorama of the stone shaft.

Bladed weapons gorjana exhibited in the Museum.

Arrowheads and copies the elements of a protective armor made of metal.

Tip incendiary arrows.

Ornaments and jewelry made in the"Golden Empire."

The credentials of the silver plate, discovered in the excavations Shaiginskoye settlement.

The reverse side of the mirrors, which were used by the inhabitants of the "Golden Empire", the image of musical instruments on the back of one of the mirrors.

Jade and marble products jurjansky masters.

The figure representing the person.

Portrait of a resident of the "Golden Empire" recreated with found figurines, figurines for the performance of various religious rites.

Culture and Arts

Reel №2

The head of the statue of the "Golden Empire", the statue, standing on a rock in the middle of the taiga.

The stream running over stones, the image of the "Golden Empire".

View of a section of the river.

Marevan the Udege living in the forest, sharpening his axe, sitting by the fire.

Marevan inspects the trunk of the tree for subsequent production boats.

Marevan knocks from the trunk bark of the hollow tree trunk, the boat, the face of Mariana.

Marevan takes the finished boat on their shoulders.

An elderly woman from the Udege village of Krasny Yar sing old songs, sitting on the river Bank.

A woman with a tambourine dancing an ancient ritual dance, the face of the wooden idol, the faces of the Udege, the fragments of a national pattern on their clothes.

The form of the iconic figures, the man dances a ritual dance, the faces of the people.

The view of the river, women sit on the beach and embroider national Udege ornament on clothing, women's faces.

The Udege in the national headdress and traditional dress with ornament.

Faces of young Udege, a woman with a child.

National culture