Scientific - technological revolution under socialism.. (1986)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Boldireva L.


Educational film presents the technical aspects of the STR: automation, robotics, computer applications in the areas of the economy.


Reel №1

The baby face.

A clearing in the forest.

The production process at the steel plant.

The spacecraft before launch, the launch of the spacecraft.

The lesson of Informatics at school, children learn to use a computer.

Panorama factory floor with automated production lines and management.

Machine operator numerical control (CNC) at work.

View of the automated factory equipment, CNC operator at the console.

The process of the production system according to the program incorporated into a computer, performing precise operations on automatic lines.

General view of spinning mill with automatic production lines, control of thread breakage with the help of computers.

Spinner at work.

View of the conveyor line at the Volga automobile plant.

Welding of car body manipulators.

General view of the hall of the plant computer, controls, computers, employee computers.

A brochure about the main directions of economic and social development of the USSR for 1986-1990.

Types of hydropower plants.

The duty Manager GES at the console.

View of the machine hall of the power station, the employee behind the Board oversees the work of automated systems and computers.

View of the nuclear power plant, the power plant employees go down the hall.

Panorama of the control room of a power station.

Reactor nuclear power plant.

The view of the Department of radio, montazhnitsy at work.

Workplaces equipped with instruments and precision equipment.

The manufacturing process of complex parts on CNC-machines and automatic lines.

The electronic boards assembled on automatic machines.

The fully automated plant of one of the industrial enterprises with harmful production.

The entrance to the training center, young workers in the classroom for professional development.

Design office staff at work.

Type of remote automated control system, automated production lines in the factory shop.

The operator of the automated control system in automobile workshop.

General view of the hall computer.

View of the building of the Institute of electric them.


The development of new automatic welding machines.

Operation of apparatus for the airily-plasma cutting and underwater welding.


Reel №2

Fellow, Institute of electric welding during the test one of the samples of equipment for microplasma spraying.

The electronic training simulator for the profession of welder, the parts of the simulator.

Samples of new alloys and polymeric synthetic materials.

View of the refractory crystal for electronics and laser technology.

Development of technologies for the powder metallurgy.

Conducting experiments in genetic engineering, live cell under a microscope.

Punch cards for specific genetic programs.

The process of growing new plants on a special cellular program (rapid).

Test tubes with results of experiments on genetic engineering.

Harvesting combine.

Replacement of the working elements of the combine harvester mows wheat, threshed grain poured out of the sleeve of the combine.

The layout of the new rural settlement.

The building of the new rural House of culture, interior view of cinema.

People swimming in the pool.

Samples of the new medical equipment and products at exhibition stands.

The people at the pharmacy counter.

People sit in the queue to the doctor.

Conduct a comprehensive medical examination with the help of new medical equipment and automated systems.

The removal of the ECG of the patient, the patient undergoes chest x-rays.

Entering inspection data into a computer for processing.

Cards containing information about patients, the woman's face, the layout of the cards in the Rolodex.

Teaching young kids swimming in the pool.

People relax in the psychological release room of one of the enterprises, people's faces, the fish in the aquarium.

Samples of new cameras, the kind of hotel room.

Showcases a Shoe store and clothing store.

The process of cutting fabrics for sewing enterprise, making patterns with semi-automatic equipment.

People at a book tray choose books.

The orchestra in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the audience applauded.

Episode of a football match, the fans in the stands of the stadium.

View of the hall of an art exhibition, faces of the visitors.

Ballet dancers preparing for the performance, spectators are in places in the hall.

Physiotherapy in the child's sports section.

Students face during the celebratory event on 1 September, the first call, the first graders go to school.

Key words

Automation Electronics

Industry; Agriculture; Medicine; Life and leisure