Economic crises of capitalism.. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Boldireva L.

Script writers: Zheleznyak V.

Operators: Chukovskij E.

Other authors: Romanov A.


Educational film for students, disclosing the sequence of occurrence of crises of the capitalist system of production.

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Newsreel of the early 20th century, people welcome the first passenger train on the new railroad in the United States.

The steamer to the river pier.

The car on the street.

Demonstration of the inventions of the late 19th and early 20th century, gramophone, phonograph, fotofan.

Samples of fashionable ladies ' dresses and hats, women a walk in the Park.

People ride bikes and cars.

View of new York and the Hudson river in the late 1920-ies.

Assembling cars at the Ford plant in Detroit, the cars on the ground of finished products (above).

Car junkyard in the US, the fire at the dump.

Farmers poured the milk cans.

Unsold grain at the port.

People break the wall with a bottle of milk.

The eviction of families from homes for the debts, crying children, children in the back of a leaving truck.

View of the streets of new York in the late 1920's-early 1930-ies, the homeless sleeping on the benches.

Rotating globe.

Newsreel of the 1960-ies: avalanches and floods in Europe, the eruption of volcanoes.

Panorama of new York in the early 1930-ies (top).

Trading on the stock exchange, the conveyor belt at the factory, sorting coal on a conveyor belt.

Views of London, Washington, Paris, horse-drawn vehicles on city streets.

Formula imbalance of supply and demand in the movement of industrial capital, the scheme of violations of the ratio between demand and offer (animation).

The scheme of sale of goods on credit, a chain reaction of bankruptcies of producers (animation).

Newsreel of the 1920-ies: excavation work and working in the mines of the United States, the production process in factories and workshops.

Diagram the cyclical nature of capitalist production.

Trading on the stock exchange, brokers buy and sell shares, the Board changes course.

Dormant during the crisis, seaports, Railways.

Newsreel 1929-1930: the everyday life of American unemployed, living in slums and built them huts.

People eat the free soup.

The types of stopped industrial enterprises.

Production processes at the enterprises of light industry in the recovery period of production.

The types of operating industrial enterprises, the production process on the factory floor, the miners working in the mine.

Samples of advertising various goods.

View of a London street.

Employees go to work.

A conference at one of the companies.

Counting coins and packaging them in bags.

The face of big capitalists, dollar bills.

Weighing gold bars, send from a Bank vault.

Newsreel of the 1930-ies: the depositors of a closed Bank in Germany, the announcement of the closure of the Bank in English.

The form stopped, and the ravages of industrial enterprises.

The unemployed are sitting on the street along the fence.

The view of the demonstration, dispersal and arrest of demonstrators by police.


1900s 1920s 1930s 1960s


New York [856] USA [851] Germany [84] Western Europe [911] London [870] Washington [852] Paris [850]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

History of foreign countries; Industry; Trade; Social life; Demonstrations

Reel №2

Newsreel of the late 1920s-early 1930s: views of Manhattan island and the statue of Liberty in new York.

Airship over new York city, cars and pedestrians on the streets, types of streets (top).

Types of industrial enterprises in the United States.

Hands counting money.

The text of Lenin V. I. imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism".

Types of high rise buildings and the Exchange in new York.

Figure the depth of the crisis decline in industrial production due to the gradual transition to a monopoly.

The scheme of the correlation of output growth and price growth (animation).

Newsreel of the late 1920s-early 1930s years: customers of failed banks on the street at the closed doors, crumbling industrial plants, sitting unemployed.

Homeless people sleep on benches and sidewalks, the faces of the unemployed and slum dwellers in the United States.

Women carrying banners with slogans during the demonstration.

Participants multi day dance marathon on the dance floor.

Reporters are film and photography suicide throwing themselves from a tall building.

The removal of the body of a suicide.

Trading on the new York stock exchange, brokers, people in the square before the exchange.

Newspapers in typography.

U.S. President G. Hoover speaks.

Diagram of the weakening of the cyclical reproduction under state-monopoly capitalism (animation).

Schedule of crises and depressions in the period from 1920 to 1938 (animation).

Assembling cars on the Assembly line.

The car on the site of the finished products.

Unemployed people wait at the entrance to the plant "Renault", face black unemployed.

Police pushes protesters from the premises.

General view of road junctions in the United States (top).

Newsreel of 1960-1970s years: a meeting of representatives of the leading capitalist countries.

A meeting of representatives of NATO countries.

Marching soldiers of NATO tanks, planes, carriers.

Combat operations in Vietnam and Africa, the carpet bombing, the faces of the refugees.

American Marines landed on the shore.

The fighting in Lebanon, the faces of people who lost their homes.

The types of industrial and oil-producing enterprises.

Panic on the stock exchange in 1970-ies during the next crisis.

Products to rewrite the price tags in shop Windows, shoppers in the grocery store, cars with rewritten upwards price tags.

Traffic jam on the road.

The dumping of harmful industrial waste, dead fish, from a crashed tanker cleaning and removal of spilled oil from the coast, the rescue of birds.

Fuming factory chimney.

A woman wears a mask, gets in the car and leaves.

Smog over London.

The views of earth from space.

Demonstration of the unemployed in Europe and the United States, the crackdown by the police, the clashes of protesters and police.


Hoover, Herbert-American statesman and political figure


1929-1933 1960s 1970s


USA [851] New York [856] Washington [852] Western Europe [911] London [870] Vietnam [240] Lebanon [123]


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

History of foreign countries; Industry; Demonstrations; Trade; Finance; International military organizations; Armed conflicts