Study on The Taming of the beam.. (1985)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Valov S.

Script writers: A.Brezhnev

Operators: S.Arceulova, E.Pronina, S.Ivanov

Other authors: Konsuljtant A.A.Kuznecov, zvukorezhissyor M.Dmitrieva, redaktor V.Robinov, direktor kartini M.Sarkisyan


The film tells the story of laser science and technology.


Reel №1

Hand, the rotating disk of the phone, people in the hall point long distance telephone services.

Ambulance going on call.

Doctors perform diagnostics on a special x-ray equipment.

The people in the hall of the negotiating points.

Images and samples of the first telephones, a portrait of the inventor of the telephone by A. G. bell

People stand in line for a phone booth.

Telephone exchange equipment, telephone cables.

Kind of photophone invented by bell.

Demonstration of the principle of information transfer using light beams.

The flickering beam of the modulator during the recording of the human voice on Vodafone.

The playback of a recording.

The city's skyline.

The beam of the laser generator, the pattern of his work (animation), the view of the laser generator.

Workers pulled the phone cable out of the well on a city street.

General view of the Zubovskaya square in Moscow (top).

Modulation of the laser beam during transmission of the human voice, the space between the houses.

View of the culvert.

The laser beam in the shell with reflectors (animation).

Experiments on creating a shell for the laser beam.

City winter landscape.

Experiments on producing tubes of quartz glass scientists-chemists Bitter.

The passage of the beam created by the optical fiber (animation).

The creation and form of optical cable, optical fiber.

Unwound cable coil.

The people in the hall of the negotiating points in anticipation of long distance calls.

The people in the waiting room of the airport, a landing plane.


Reel №2

Medics carry a stretcher with a patient in the hospital corridor.

Examination of the internal organs of the person using the light guide, the detection and extraction of foreign bodies from the stomach of the patient.

General view of the medical equipment for examination of internal human organs by using the optical fiber.

An example of operation of the laser scalpel.

The people in the waiting room of the airport.

View of control room of the airport, the face of the controller.

Dispatching equipment, a landing plane.

Fiber thread in the hand of man.

A working TV.

The equipment of the television station transmitting cables.

The scheme of cable television (animation).

Video (animation).

Experiments with fiber optics.

The Director of the Institute of General physics, academician A. M. Prokhorov talks about the prospects for using fiber optics (synchronously), the demonstration of frequency conversion by means of the laser, the patterns of transmission and storage of information (animation).

Examples of the transmission of information along optical fibers.

The internal structure of fibers (animation).

Physics; Medicine; Communications