Parks and Gardens of Yaroslavl. (1995)

Documentary №51622, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:54
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:M. Gnesin
Camera operators:V. Titov
Sound mixer:L. Scherbakova
Music designer:I. Makarova


The film tells about the history and culture of Yaroslavl, his landscape art from ancient times to the present day.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Butterfly on a flower.

Bell ringers ring the bells.

The streets of Yaroslavl, the Orthodox churches and the city's waterfront.

View of city Park from the car window.

A flower bed on the embankment.

Types of Yaroslavl centre and the river Kotorosl.

View of the Boulevard on the waterfront.

People sit at the fountain, type of fountain.

The types of forest.

The layout of the first ancient settlement on the site of modern Yaroslavl.

Bathing horses in the river.

The types of pine trees.

Reflection of the monastery in the water, the view of the monastery.

Ancient frescoes depicting the beginning of the creation of gardens in Yaroslavl.

Apple trees in the garden of the Tolga convent.

With fields of cabbage behind the monastery wall.

A nun at the monastery apiary.

Panorama of one of the monastery's flower beds.

Panorama of the monastery with flower beds and trees.

The types of protected cedar grove in the vicinity of the monastery.

The cedars growing along the monastery walls.

The nun is the path in cedar grove.

Plan of ancient Yaroslavl.

Frescoes depicting gardening in ancient Yaroslavl.

View of the historic centre of the city (above).

The figure shows a trading boat on the river.

Fragments of carved ornaments Orthodox churches, types of churches.

Flowers on one of the Park flowerbeds.

Ancient frescoes depicting urban "red" gardens.

Engraving depicting the 17th-century Yaroslavl.

Types of historical quarters of the city.

Portrait of the Shabby merchant.

Paintings manufactory Shabby and existing under the system of ponds and a "regular" garden.

A pond in one of the parks, the reflection in the water temple.

View of the Peter and Paul Park in Yaroslavl.

Drawings depicting Yaroslavl in the era of Catherine II.

Panorama of the landscape Park of the estate Karabikha, the manor house.

The types of glades, groves and ponds of the Park.

A house in the estate.

Calendar: 1995

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The entrance to the Governor's garden of Yaroslavl.

The types of the Governor's garden, his flower beds and buildings in the garden.

The streets of Yaroslavl, in the historic part of the city.

Photos of gardens, boulevards and parks of the Yaroslavl early 20th century.

View of the riverfront Park.

The old buildings on the waterfront.

The monuments of Yaroslavl architecture.

Urban streets and boulevards.

Types of the Volga embankment.

View of the bridge across the Volga.

The new streets and squares of Yaroslavl, a fountain with sculptural group.

Panorama of the city Park (above).

The views and the panorama of contemporary urban areas (above).

Landscapers at work.

Flower bed in the Park.

The green thumb brigade is conducting the excavation work for the new flower bed.

View of the Victory Park (above).

The types of reconstructed embankment of the Kotorosl ' river and station.

View of one of the courtyards in the residential district.

Those riding lawnmowers, man cut the lawn.

The urban Park.

Planting the "carpet" of flower beds.

Florist F. E. Krutikova at work on making another flower bed.

Types of decorative flower beds and carpeting flower beds in city Park (above).

Yaroslavsky and German gardeners in the Park and exchange experience.

View of one of the "Carpet" of flower beds.

Watering machine goes through the Park.

View of one of the playgrounds in the city Park.

People walk on the paths of the Park, the children at the fountain.

Panorama of the small stadium on the edge of the Park.

View of the river Kotorosl river bridge.

The view of the city block on the waterfront (above).

View the "carpet" of flower beds on the promenade (above).

Calendar: 1995

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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