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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: T. Gutman

Script writers: N. Pozharickaya

Operators: I. Korganov

Composers: A. Klivickij

Text writers: N. Oleva

Recordist: R. Krasiljnikova


The film tells about the kinds of animals listed in the Red book of the USSR.

Flora and fauna | Nature films

Reel №1


Panorama of the river at dawn.

Cobwebs on the branches of a Bush.

Water lilies on the water.

Winter landscape.

Panorama of the banks of the river.

The setting sun.

Fauna - moose calves, leopard, bison, rabbit.

The sea off the coast of the commander Islands.

Drawing of a Steller cow.

The skeleton of the sea cow in the Museum, fragments of skeleton.

Images of extinct species - passenger pigeon, aurochs, Tarpan, apterous gugarci.

Pictures of dead animals.

Stuffed animals in the Museum.

Pictures of expeditions organized for the protection of endangered animal species.

Portrait of Peter Scott, who created the Red book.

Cover volumes of the red book.

Entry in the red book on the pages of various colors - red, yellow, white, green.

Cover and pages of the red book of the USSR.

Russian desman, listed in the Red book.

View of a section of river with a slow current.

Muskrat dives from the shore into the water.

The muskrat is swimming under water looking for food on the bottom.

Muskrat hunting perch.

River landscapes.

Spotted deer graze in a meadow.

A herd of reindeer from Novaya Zemlya (top).

Family of deer in the woods.

View of the mountain valley.




USSR [863]

Reel №2

Panorama of the ruins of Chersonesos in the Crimea.

Crimean Gecko on the rocks.

Sunset over Hersonissos.

The head of the Crimean Gecko.

Geckos in the cracks between the stones.

Seagulls flying near the cliffs above the sea.

A flock of seagulls over the Bay.

Migratory birds on the cliffs of the North.

Bird in the nest to hatch the egg.

The Chicks in the nest.

Crested cormorants sitting on the rocks, the female incubates the eggs.

Page red book with the image of cranes.

The cranes are flying over the meadow.

Flying white cranes - cranes.

Representatives of the far Eastern species of cranes in the nursery of the Okskiy nature reserve.

An employee of the reserve feeding the Chicks of a vulture.

Scientists ringed the Northern bird.

Reserve staff examined the crane, record its dimensions, inspection of the wings of cranes.

Scientists in the North, watching the birds nesting on the rocks.

Scientists released into the sky ringed birds.




USSR [863]


Summer [824]