Job Title XXI century.. (1983)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Dvinskij

Script writers: E. Dubrovskij

Operators: V. Kolyushev

Recordist: N. kuznecov

Other authors: V. Bokshickaya


The film tells about specificity of work of operators of automated control systems of technological processes.


Reel №1

The man is blindfolded with a black blindfold.

The man with the blindfold begins to rise on a sloping Board, reaches the edge and stops.

One of the subjects jumped down from the edge of the Board, the girl barely comes to the edge of the Board.

Drawings from the books of the 1900's, depicting industrial production on the factory floor and development engineering.

Flying the hang glider.

The production process in the plant of automated lines, the operator at the console.

The production process in the foundry.

The control panel is one of the automated lines.

View automated plant chemical plant.

The operator oversees the operation of the system.

Panorama of the chemical enterprise.

Operators of automated systems for control panels.

Workers-operators have to say about your schedule, about your responsibilities, about the work of the operator (synchronous).

Persons working operators.

Candidate of psychological Sciences V. G. Zazykin speaks about the problem of high nervous and mental stress of the operator, the individual practices of operators and activities (synchronously).

The experiment on the study of a person's ability to switch attention from one object to another, the participants call numbers and colors.

People connected to the head sensors performs the task during the experiment.

The printout data.

Puppet on strings.

Face and hands of the puppeteer.

Puppet shows playing the violin.




Moscow [820]


Reel №2

A puppet moving under the control of two puppeteers.

The puppeteers are unable to accommodate each other.

Psychologist Zazykin tells about the types of activities in which there are specific relationships (synchronously).

Operators talking about the need of simultaneous work of people serving the production process of the collective labour of the operators and their interaction (synchronously).

The experiments to test the interaction and coherence operators.

Inside view of the plant of automated lines.

The operator at the control panel.

Inspection of the defective product.

Operators talk about the condition and mental balance at the time of the accident, on the state and action at the time of the accident (synchronously).

Zazykin tells about the distress caused by this phenomena (synchronously).

Operators during a session of hypnosis, suggestion installation on the passive part.

The therapist, V. P., Bugaenko conducts a hypnosis session, gives the installation operators.

Operators Wake up from hypnosis, the faces of the operators.

Operators at the controls.

The remote control receives a signal about the simulated emergency.

The face of one of the operators, scales and dials of the control instruments.

A reflection of emotions on the face of the operator.

Lit alarm button.

The operator's face.

Operators during the hypnosis session, Bugaenko gives a different setting.

The operator's face during a training accident.

The operator's hands, switching toggle on the remote, the face of the operator during the actions on liquidation of emergency situation.

Operators at the console.

The operation of the electronic circuits of the automated line.

Interior view of the laboratory.

The current experiment, the faces of the operators.

Operators at work.

People connected to the head sensors.




Moscow [820]

Science; Medicine