In and around the house with him. (1984)

Documentary №51669, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:09
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:G. Eljnickaya
Screenwriters:G. Eljnickaya
Camera operators:R. Voronov
Anouncers:R.Ya. Plyatt
Sound mixer:L. Shutova
Music designer:S. Vasilenko
Other authors:N. Kaspe


The film tells about the life and work of the writer N. With. Tikhonov, contains some amusing scenes from the life of animals, the writer notes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Forest view from the window of a country house, interior view of the Cabinet of the writer.

A Sparrow flies into the window and fly around the room.

Sparrow sitting under a newspaper next to the couch.

Sparrow slid under the sofa.

The head of a Sparrow.

Sparrow comes out from under the sofa.

Sparrow jumps around the room at the statues and bookshelves.

A Sparrow sits at the open window.

The Sparrow flies to the terrace and joins the other sparrows.

Sparrows on the floor of the terrace.

Sparrow jumps into the open door.

Sparrow slid under the sofa, examining a room, a Desk.

Sparrow jumps at the books on the shelf and the heads of the statuettes.

Sparrow goes outside.

View of the garden N.With.

Tikhonov and Peredelkino.

Interior view the interiors of the house Tikhonova, Tikhonov portrait on the wall.

Books on the shelves.

Front photos Tikhonov on the covers of books written by him.

Photos Tikhonov in different years.

Photos of streets and residents of besieged Leningrad.

Photo Tikhonov at the Desk.

Photos Tikhonov during his tenure as the Soviet peace Committee.

Newsreel: view of the hall of Congress meeting of the world peace Council.

Figurines, Souvenirs, a map in the house of Tikhonov.

Photos Tikhonov with animals.

The head of a woodpecker.

Woodpecker at the birdhouse behind the scenes are the verses Tikhonov (synchronously).

Woodpecker on a tree branch to bite a piece of cheese.

Protein picks the cheese off the branch.

A woodpecker sits on a tree branch.

Woodpecker gets to the piece of cheese on the branch.

Protein lacking cheese.

Woodpecker and squirrel fight.

Squirrel eats cheese.

The dog on the terrace of the house.

A woodpecker flies up to the dog bowl and began to peck at the food.

The woodpecker pecks food from the bowl, the dogs did not touch him.

Dog sniffs woodpecker.

Crow dog was removed from his bowl.

Dogs eat from bowls, leave.

Three ravens in dog bowls.

A crow pecks out of the bowl.

The second was a crow sitting on the handle of the balcony door.

The third crow distracts the dogs croak.

Crows are reversed.

Page one of the books of Tikhonov.

The first manuscript books Tikhonov, written and bound by him.

Book covers Tikhonov, written for children.


Tihonov Nikolaj Semenovich -- poet, writer, public figure

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Kitten named Lemur on an easel in the yard.

Ginger cat playing with Learoy, climbs behind her on the tree.

Cats and a crow on a tree branch.

Raven walks down the path.

Red cat on the porch.

The crow approaches the porch.

Vorn walks around in the porch in front of red cat.

The cat descends the steps.

Vorn walks around the cat lying ha the garden path.

The crow and the cat walking in the garden.

The cat climbs on a tree branch, a crow is watching the cat.

A cat and a crow sitting on a branch, a crow caws.

Cat and crow walk in the garden.

Cat on a tree branch.

The cat is sitting on the bench.

The cat is walking around the house, looking for crow.

Panorama of the forest in the vicinity of the cottage Tikhonov, a large bird, a honey Buzzard sitting under a tree.

The head of a honey Buzzard.

The honey Buzzard is starting to break ground with their claws and beak.

The honey Buzzard starts to eat extracted from the earth, the larvae of wasps and bumblebees.

The honey Buzzard flies away.

View of the house Tikhonova through thickets of bushes.

Sorka sitting on a tree branch, photograph Tikhonov.

Interior view of living in the country Tikhonov, lit the lamp on the round table.

The interiors of cottages Tikhonov, view of forest out the window.

Tits at the birdhouse on a tree branch.

Hedgehog sneaking through the grass.

The hedgehog approaches the tray with the remnants of buckwheat, starts to eat them.

The hedgehog tries the porridge and leaves.

A family of hedgehogs eating porridge.

Pictures Tikhonov.

The kittens in the litter on the terrace garden Tikhonov.

Cat Lemur kittens out in the garden.

Kittens on the garden path.

Lemur climbs on a tree trunk, the kittens are watching her.

Lemur comes down to earth.

Kittens climb the tree, Lemur watching them.

Lemur with a kitten in a tree.

Kittens PA the tree trunk beside his mother.

One of the kittens gets stuck between the knots.

Lemur is punishing a fallen kitten.

Lemur kittens goes to the house, the view of the house.

Kitty runs through the log.

Portrait Of N. With.


View of the garden Tikhonov.


Tihonov Nikolaj Semenovich -- poet, writer, public figure

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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