New facets of working professions.. (1984)

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Director: V. Lavrentjev

Script writers: P. Korop

Operators: V. Sudejkin

Anouncers: G. Kovalenko

Recordist: A. Kulakov

Other authors: V. Bokshickaya


The film tells about the relationship of man and machine and the characteristics of a new profession - operator of flexible manufacturing systems.

Industry | Science

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Engineer meets an excursion of pupils of the sponsored school.

Universal Turner working at the lathe.

Turning parts of the machine.

Turner tells the students about his profession.

Students face, and Turner.

Machine operator with control software sets the program, pressing the button on the control keypad.

The machine operator tells the students about the principles of his work, those students.

Work serves two machines with computer numerical control (CNC).

The processing of the parts to the software the machine.

Machine operator-the operator observes the work of the CNC.

Students come to the workshop with CNC machines, watching the process of their work.

The operator explains to students the order of work on the CNC machines.

Ejecting of finished parts by using the automatic faucet.

Engineer at the computer keyboard.

Scientist-philosopher arguing with the engineer about the relationship between human and computer, about the necessity of the designer talent (synchronously).

Design engineer at home, walks to the window and sees the slide.

The image on the slide Turner.

Turner handles the workpiece on the machine with a treadle (animation).

The process of processing details on the new lathes.

Turner at the machine, face Turner.

Turner removes the finished part and puts in blanks handles them.

The finished parts of different kinds, Turner examines the drawing.

The work of the drilling machine.

The process of working on a drill press.

Processing of similar parts on the automated line.

Type of automatic line.

Scheme of production (animation).

Doctor of technical Sciences talks about the need to diversify the production of consumer goods (synchronously).

Illustration of the production of different products (animation).

View of part of workshop machine tools with program management, operation of the industrial robot.

The operator sets the programme of work of the automated line.

Industrial robots carry out various manipulations, replacing manual labor.





Education; Childhood and youth
Social life

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Doctor of technical Sciences, says the changes in the nature of work over the past ten years (synchronously).

Engineers working on the project with the aid of computers and computing machines.

The face of the engineer.

Schoolchildren on excursions in the shop listening to the explanation of the engineer about the job flexible automated lines.

The work of automatic machines.

Appearance of the machine for handling various parts with a set of exchangeable tools.

The engineer explains to the students the procedure of readjustment of the automatic line for the manufacture of other items.

Face students.

Engineer in the classroom with students conducting training on the topic of the interaction of man and machine in manufacturing and labor.

The slide show, students fill out cards with questions, show card answers.

Scientist-philosopher makes the analysis of the students answers, discuss the problem of interaction of man and machine, about the profession of machine operator (synchronously).

Students during the tour.

The production process in the foundry, the operators in the control room for remote control.

The process of metal processing on automatic machines.

Engineers design the program for flexible automated lines.

The work of the automated line.

View of the plant of automatic lines of the Ivanovo machine tool plant.

Worker-the operator answers the question about the choice of his profession, the possession of elementary skills of the programmer (synchronously).

The process of manufacturing parts on the automated line.

Parts made on a flexible automated lines.

The operators of the lines at work.

Scientist-philosopher and engineer talks about the skills needed for the modern operator flexible production (synchronously).

Vocational school students learn to work on machines, soldering electronic circuits.

The lesson in the computer lab of the College.

College students on the classes on the device of computers.

Doctor of technical Sciences talks about the benefits of flexible automation in manufacturing, the need for human factors at the initial stage of production (synchronously).

Vocational school students in practical classes.

Students in the class work.





Childhood and youth; Education
Social life