The Independent Guinea.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Lozovskiy E., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Yudin B.


About the celebration of 1st Anniversary of independence of Guinea.

Temporary description

Landscapes of Guinea; palms on the ocean, a waterfall, the banana grove, citrus trees. Jungle. Conakry, streets, buildings, construction of the embankment. Congress of the Democratic Party of Guinea. Speakers: President of the Republic of Guinea, Sekou Toure, the delegate of the Communist Party of France, head of the delegation of the CPSU Rashidov. Military parade in the city of Conakry, on the first anniversary of the Independence of Guinea. Rowing competitions, folk festivities to celebrate the Day of Independence of Guinea. Speech by Sekou Toure in the UN. Stay Sekou Toure in Moscow; reception Nikita Khrushchev in the Kremlin. Sekou Toure, and FR Kozlov signed Soviet-Guinean communique. The Soviet ship "Sedov" in the port of Conakry. Guinean students in the classroom.

Reel №1

On the celebration of the first anniversary of the Independence of Guinea.

Guinean landscape - palm trees, the sea in the distance - the general plan.

Smiling faces Guineans - women and men, young and old - close-up.

Multrabota - geographical map of Africa, hitting the Republic of Guinea - close-up.

Dancing women and men with flags, musicians play - big, medium plans.

Guineans are praying in the temple - a common, average plans.

Evening Landscape: the sea, palm trees on the beach, sunrise, ocean shore, waves.


The monkeys in the trees, the monkey on the road.

Landscape - Panorama: forest, the mountains.


River with a waterfall.

Rainbow over the waterfall spray.

Banana tree - large, medium plans.

Banana Grove.

Bananas on a tree - close-up.

Citrus fruit on the tree - close-up.

Nameplates foreign growers - large, medium plans.

Development of bauxite in the islands of Los - in a car loaded bauxite.

Construction of a new plant in the city of bauxite Fria - panorama of the average plan.

Machine comes with bauxite ore.

Panorama of the ship in port - the average plan.

Workers in the port - the average plan.

LS. PNRM. the city of Conakry - the capital of the Republic (shot from above).

PNRM. the building, travel on the street - the average plan.

Traffic control - close-up.

Cars and people on the streets.


The huts of the village - the general plan.

Half-naked woman pounded in a wooden pot maize grain.

Villagers-Guineans - women, men, children - close-up.

Women with young children behind in the stream wash, wash children - large, medium plans.

A girl takes off the rope dry clothes.

Pineapple plantation.

Men see pineapples, set fruit leaves to protect them from the heat.

Reel №2

PNRM. fishing village on the outskirts of Conakry.

Men knit network - big, medium plans.

Man embroidered on the sewing machine, sew the other man - close-up.

Women walk the streets of Conakry, color are bananas in a bowl.

Bazaar - panorama of the average plan.

Selling umbrellas beads.

Powered hairdresser.

Residents in the bazaar.

Residents at the bus stop waiting for the bus, sit in the bus.

Passengers and vehicles crossing on the ferry across the river.

Panorama on the rough river to the bridge over the river.


General view of Conakry (shot from above).


The building, which meets five Democratic Convention.

Residents in national costumes in the village.

Panorama of the woods.

There is a train with the delegates to the congress.

Delegates to the train - close-up.

Residents welcomed the passing of the delegates.

Performed traditional dances in honor of the holiday.

Arrivals of foreign visitors to the airport.

Delegates go Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, led by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan Sh R. Rashidov.

General view of the terminal building in the city of Conakry.

The building where the congress will take place - the general plan.

Go to the Congress delegates and guests, including representatives of the Republican army.

Accompanied honorary escort arrives machine with President Sekou Tour.

Sekou Toure, runs in white national costume.

Report of honor.

Delegates welcomed the President.

Reel №3

Sitting in the hall of delegates, large and medium plans of men and women in traditional costumes.

Sekou Toure-wife - close-up.

Sekou Toure, the guests, Rashidov - close-up.

PNRM. by flags of the African people and the fraternal countries - the average plan.

Congress opened by the Chairman of the National Assembly member of the Politburo of the Party Diallo Sayfulaye - close-up.


In between sessions delegates talking, read newspapers, Rashidov of conversation.

At the evening meeting, makes a report, Sekou Toure (simultaneously in French.

Lang.) - The average plan.

Listening delegates - different faces large.

The delegates of African countries: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Senegal, Cameroon, Nyasaland, Morocco - close-up.

Congress of the Communist Party of France welcomed the delegate, delegate workers GDR head of the Soviet delegation Rashidov - close-up.


President Sekou Toure, covers Congress.

At the scene output elephant (elephant - the emblem of Guinea).


Delegates are leaving by car, went to escort Sekou Tour.

Children go to school.

Children in the school yard, make desks, wash them.

Employment in rural Muslim school.

Girl reads (at the plate) - close-up.

Teacher - close-up.

Destroyed the bunker, barracks - the remnants of colonialism.

Monuments cruel rulers, thrown from the pedestal.

Women work on Sunday work (pass bricks worn on the head water).

Men work - building schools, street cleaning.

Construction of the embankment.

General view of the port of Conakry.

Soviet ship "Sedov" - Research motor sailing ship in port - the front part of the ship.

Guineans aboard visiting Soviet sailors talking to the captain, taking pictures.

"Sedov" out to sea.

Reel №4

The flags on the masts of ships - big, medium plans.

Loading and unloading in port.

Sea, far shore.

Multrabota - Map of Africa.

President Sekou Toure, lays a wreath at the monument to the heroes who gave their lives for freedom.

Sekou Toure, award orders those who give their hand today for the good of the Motherland (men and women), including the Chairman of the National Assembly of Guinea Sayfulaya Diallo.

Sekou Toure, speaking before a microphone.

A parade in honor of the first anniversary of its independence.

Troops pass, passing cars, motorcycles, guns, tanks.

Drove a car-Sekou Toure.

National dances by girls, women, men in traditional costumes.

Rowing competitions.

National dances in the villages.

Panorama landscape - palm trees, mountains in the distance.

UN building - the overall plan.

Flags in front of the UN, including the flag of the Republic of Guinea.

President Sekou Toure, the UN acts (synchronous) in French - a common, average plans.


Landscape - surf (the Black Sea), the panorama of Gagra.

Passing car.

Visit Sekou Toure, and Diallo S. Khrushchev in Gagra (sit, talk).

General view of the Kremlin Palace (26/11).

Sekou Toure, and FR Kozlov sign a joint Soviet-Guinean communique.

Talk-Sekou Toure, Voroshilov, Mikhail Suslov, Khrushchev, EA Furtseva, NG Ignatov, OV Kuusinen, NA Mukhitdinov N. M .

Shvernik, Gromyko and others.

Landscape with palm trees, large face Guineans (children, women, men).

Flag of the Republic of Guinea - close-up.