General physiographic patterns.. (1988)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Marjyamov M.


Educational film reveals the theme exemplified in several geographic regions of our country, such as the Crimea, the Caspian Sea, the Kola Peninsula. (Part 1 - MLT. Travel time by car. The rotation of the planets around the sun. MLT. Desert. Savannah: giraffes, zebras. Tundra. Taiga forests. MLT. The ratio of heat and moisture. Mountains. MLT. Tall zone. Lanshaft steppe and mountains, the roof. Lizards. Sheep. Sea. Karadag. Earthquake. Insects in the mountains. Flowers and grass Karadag. Birch grove in the spring. Ice drift. Flood. Fog. The water cycle. Part 2 - Plowing. Herd of cows. Mountain glacier. Moraine landscape. Mountain River Caspian map. Caspian wall sheep. Overfly large cysts and Volga. Protection from waves. Geese in flight. Zoning. Tundra. Example of zoning in the mountains. Berry bushes. Open pit. Vulnerable nature of the next industry. Rare for exotic fish. Fish prints on the stone.)

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