Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital.. (1991)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Matejchuk I.

Script writers: Degtyarev M., Turusina T.

Operators: Belyakov M.

Other authors: Scherbakova L.


The film tells about the introduction of the latest achievements in medical science into the practice of treatment.

Medicine | Health

Reel №1

The ambulance arrives at the hospital building.

Type of building 83 of the multidisciplinary clinical hospital of the USSR Ministry of Health.

Internal view of the hospital lobby.

The staff of the Central Department of Hospitalization are recording the incoming planned patients using an electronic database.

Patients in the hall of the receiving and diagnostic department.

The doctor conducts a primary examination of the patient - a wheelchair user.

Removal of a cardiogram.

The doctor at the emergency room prepares the medical history.

A nurse is taking the patient in a stroller along the corridor, bringing them into the elevator.

Internal view of one of the departments of the hospital, patients in the hall in front of the TV, the post of the nurse on duty.

The head of the department interrogates and examines the patient, consults with the doctors.

Sign of the cardiology department.

A patient in the intensive care unit, an internal view of the ward equipped with special control equipment.

The doctor on duty and the nurse enter the ward on alarm, begin to help the patient.

Sign of the cardiosurgery department.

The cardiosurgeon performs an operation on the heart, the internal view of the operating room.

Type of electronic pacemaker.

Installing the pacemaker to the patient.

Rhythm of the heart on the monitor screen.

Assisting a patient with respiratory disease in the intensive care unit.

The doctor determines the condition of the patient with the help of equipment.

The work of equipment to maintain life functions.

The work of the X-ray room of the hospital.

The endoscopist examines the patient's airways and takes a biopsy, the radiologist monitors the position of the endoscope.

A signboard of the endoscopy cabinet, a warning sign is on.

Treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers with a laser beam.

The doctor performs ultrasound examination of the patient's organs.

Doctors conduct angiography, examine the patient's internal organs.

The doctor makes a computer tomogram of the patient's brain, the form of the monitor screen.

Signboard of the Department of Clinical Physiology.

Radioisotope diagnosis of the patient, scanning of the thyroid gland and obtaining its image on paper.

The internal view of the dynamic diagnostic chamber, the patient during the study, the doctors monitor the data on the monitors.

The attending physician studies the results of the patient's examinations in the medical history.

Spirography, examination of patient's breathing processes.

An examination of the patient's heart by the method of echocardiography.






Reel №2

Carrying out the diagnosis by thermal imaging, the patient's internal organs on the monitor screen.

The attending physician examines the data of the patient's analysis.

The work of the express laboratory of the hospital, the internal view of the laboratory.

A signboard of the All-Union Scientific Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment.

Employees conduct molecular research in one of the laboratories of the Center, which operates on a hospital basis.

A laboratory worker looks through a microscope through a microscope.

Sign of the immunological department.

Blood sampling in patients.

Diagnosis of an allergic disease.

The doctor is at the computer.

Internal view of the center of the automated control system of the hospital, the employee at work.

Log into the operating unit.

The surgeon washes his hands before surgery.

The surgical team carries out the operation, faces of doctors and nurses in medical masks.

Nurses take the operated patient to the intensive care unit.

Internal view of the department, patients lie on their bunks, the doctor at the table fills out the documents.

A sign of the hemodialysis department.

The patients of the department, connected to the apparatus "Artificial kidney", the internal view of the department.

A signboard of the laboratory of lithotripsy.

Crushing of kidney stones in a patient, previously placed in a reservoir of water, doctors are watching the procedure.

Signboard of physiotherapy department.

Internal view of compartment cabins with different equipment.

Occupation of physiotherapy exercises with patients.

Type of swimming pool in the hospital.

Internal view of one of the halls of the hospital, patients buy newspapers, medicines in kiosks, rest in armchairs.

View of the cinema hall of the hospital.

Internal view of the library with scientific and medical literature.

Kind of billiard room.

Internal view of the hospital sauna for employees.

Burning fireplace in the waiting room.

View of the hall of the hospital cafe, people at the tables.

Panorama of the hospital building.

View of the waiting room of the hospital's chief doctor, the door to the office.

Chief physician of the hospital Matveev GN speaks about the nearest prospects of the development of the hospital (synchronously).

Diagnostic equipment in the offices of the hospital, patients during procedures.

The doctor is talking to patients in the hospital room, the view from the chamber window.




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