Launch of "Marathon".. (1990)

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Director: I. Matejchuk

Script writers: A. Borodin

Operators: Yu. Kryuchkov

Recordist: L. Scherbakova

Other authors: E. Razdorskaya


The film tells about the creation of a system of space satellite communications, "Marathon", its advantages and prospects.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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The schema of space communication on earth (animation).

Director General of the Association "Marathon" M. M. Krylov tells about the problems of governance in the country the creation of satellite communication systems, on the establishment of the Association "Marathon", about the main tasks of the "Marathon" link in the USSR and abroad, the financing context, the timing of commissioning of satellite communication systems (synchronously).

Start of the carrier rocket.

Scheme communication on the surface of the globe with transponders (animation).

A world map indicating regions of coverage of communication system.

The scheme of interaction of terrestrial systems "Marathon" with the satellites-repeaters (animation).

A cargo van traveling on the road.

Antenna system "Marathon" on the roof of the cab of the truck.

The driver with a computer establishes a connection with the customer and the shipper.

The operator of the customer check the data on the computer.

The camper rides on the highway.

Commodity trains on the way.

The engineer in the locomotive cab.

Assistant engineer keeps in touch by computer with dispatch services.

Antenna system "Marathon" on the roof of the locomotive.

View satellite "dish" system "Marathon".

Interior view of one of the dispatch system, the dispatchers control train traffic by using computers.

A passenger train and road.

The passengers in the compartment talking on the phone.

The ship anchored in the sea.

Satellite communication system installed on the deckhouse.

Inside view of cutting ties with "Marathon".

The captain in the wheelhouse keeps the connection in a "Marathon".

View of the deck of the ship with elements of satellite communication system.

A passenger plane in the air.

The cabin attendant reports passenger handset.

The passenger talking on the phone during the flight.

The work of geological party, equipped with "Marathon".

The transfer of cartographic information in a "Marathon".

Receiving map images.

Winter landscape.

Of building a rural hospital.

Data transfer examination of the patient in a large medical center at a "Marathon".

The transmitting antenna system.

Receiving data of medical examination by cardiologists specialized medical center.

Specialist medical center talking to a doctor rural hospitals in a "Marathon".

Pictures of the destroyed unit of the Chernobyl NPP, victim assistance, sea and rail disasters.

The types of space communications station in the district of Odessa.

Employees at work stations, station equipment.

Fabrication and testing of the system elements "Marathon" at the factory.

Antenna system "Marathon".

Start of the carrier rocket.




At Sea



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