Newcomers to the world of cars.. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Yu. Menjshikov

Script writers: O. Milyukov

Operators: M. Aleksanyan

Composers: A. Goljdshtejn

Recordist: L. Scherbakova

Other authors: R. Bganceva


The film is about rotary lines, machines a new class of machines designed by academician L. Koshkina and problems of their implementation in the new economic conditions.

Industry | Science

Reel №1

The rotating element of the rotary line.

The various nodes of rotary and rotary conveyor lines.

Rotating Potter's wheel, the process of creating a clay pot on a pottery wheel.

The frescoes on the vaults of the temple.

The skeletons and skulls of prehistoric animals, paintings of dinosaurs.

Bones and various fossils in the Museum.

Grazing on the meadow horses.

Bas-relief depicting animals and humans.

The stone in the human hand, the process of creating the first stone tools (mock).

Dice in the window of the Museum, sculptures of prehistoric people, restored on the found skulls.

The tools created in ancient times.

Panorama hall of the Museum, a stone axe on display.

The man hands kneading a piece of clay.

Processing clay on a Potter's wheel, the face of the Potter.

Belt drive lathe.

Manufacture parts on lathe, metal processing.

Machinist numerically controlled (CNC).

Jewelry, items of antique chandeliers, carved on lathes.

The engine components of the machine.

Parts of the robot-manipulator.

The robot-manipulator, the process of machining.

Execution of a robot manipulator, various operations.

Processing of the workpiece.

The working process of the machining center that performs only one operation.

Drilling a hole.

A stone with a hole.

A pitcher on a pottery wheel, hands of the Potter crush raw pitcher, turning it into a lump of clay.




Moscow [820]

Museums and exhibitions; Visual Arts

Reel №2

Hands of artist and sculptor, writing, painting and creating the statue.

Square of dots.

The process of hand-forging metal.

Knight's armor on the mannequin.

Samples of cutting tools for metal processing.

Marking linear action three stripes.

Metal cutter with a shaped recess.

Processing ordinary metal cutter.

The process of casting and moulding -planar interaction.

Inside view of the stock pieces

The process of transportation of the workpiece.

Types of conveyor workshop (above).

Customers in the sales rooms of a Department store, the queues for scarce goods.

View of the rotary-conveyor line construction of academician L. Koshkin.

The scheme of rotary lines (animation).

Conductor at the console.

The process of machining on a rotary-conveyor line.

Working lines for the manufacture of valves of the aerosol cans.

The face sculptor.

Panorama of the exhibition hall of sculptures.

Working process of rotary lines, rotating components and assemblies.

Pole vault during sports competitions.

A suit of armor in the Museum.

Mechanical children's toy.

A woman in the kitchen at the stove making pancakes.

Baking pancakes with rotary-conveyor lines, members tasting pancakes.

Customers in the sales rooms of a Department store, the queues for scarce goods.

The valve of aerosol container made on a rotary line.

The process of manufacturing of valves, a rotary work lines.




Moscow [820]

Visual Arts; Trade; Museums and exhibitions