Young people in the struggle for peace.. (1985)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Morozova A.

Script writers: Kirillova E., Morozova A.

Operators: Kasatkin I.

Other authors: Kuznecov N.


The film is about the role of young people in the struggle for peace and disarmament, on the 12th festival of youth and students in Moscow. The film is designed for students of technical universities on the English language.


Reel №1

Anti-war demonstrations in defense of peace in Europe and America, the demonstrators carried banners with slogans, the disabled person rides in the stroller and keeps the slogan in the hands, the faces of the demonstrators.

American plane takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Officers looking through binoculars, the ships of the NATO countries during maneuvers.

The aircraft on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

Officers will determine the course of the submarine.

The rocket with helicopter, air and land exercises of NATO forces.

Newsreel 1965-1973 years: fighting in Vietnam, women and children hiding in shelters from air raids, flying an American heavy bomber.

American planes at the airport.

The plane takes off the NATO.

Visas nuclear explosion during the regular trials (top).

Photos of the inhabitants of Asia and Africa affected by the fighting.

General view of the Capitol building in Washington.

The entrance to one of the buildings of the radio station "Free Europe".

Diagram of the broadcasting of Western radio stations in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union (animation), pictures of radio antennas and repeaters.

The faces of the speakers of the "Free Europe", reading the text in front of the microphones.

Checking vehicles at the border.

Removal from the car secretly transported anti-Soviet literature in Russian.

Types of Havana, people walking along the waterfront face of the people themselves.

Anti-American rally in Havana, seeing the Cuban delegates to Moscow for the 12th international festival of youth and students.

General view of the stadium in Moscow during the celebrations to mark the opening of the festival on 27 July 1985.

The festival participants came from different countries, give interviews in English (synchronously).

The procession of participants of festival on the track stadium in Moscow, spectators in the stands applauding, waving national flags.

Is the delegation of Cuba, the audience welcomed Cuban guests.

Pass the delegations of the Arab countries, USA, USSR, spectators welcome the participants of the festival.

One of the participants of the festival gives interviews (synchronously).

Panorama of the stands of the stadium, the spectators.

Grandstand view at the bowl with a burning fire of the festival, the spectators.

On the track of the stadium are the layout of the emblem of the festival.

Views of the stadium during the opening ceremony of the festival.

Reporter Borisov V. filming the movie camera.


1965-1973 27.07.1985


Moscow [820] Havana [912] Western Europe [911] Washington [852]


Summer [824]

Foreign War; Demonstrations; Festivals of Youth and Students; International military organizations; Military exercises and maneuvers

Reel №2

Literature in English issued to the 12th festival of youth and students.

The journalists in the room during the press conference, the U.S. delegation to the festival, Borisov V. is filming.

Members of the U.S. delegation to answer questions (synchronously), members of the delegation.

Borisov with a camera, girl reading a newspaper in English, reports about the festival in foreign Newspapers.

Youth demonstrations in the cities of Europe for peace and solidarity with the Soviet Union.

Borisov asks questions to the participant of the festival Julia.

Julia gives interviews in English (synchronous), face Borisov.

Borisov, holding the microphone, delivers a short speech in English to the participants of the festival (synchronously).

The participants of the meeting in the hall of the anti-fascist centre in Moscow, the Presidium of the meeting.

One of the participants of the rally, speaking from the podium, people in the audience applauded.

Borisov interviews a delegate from Ethiopia (synchronously), posters, illustrating the struggle of African peoples for freedom and independence.

Borisov interviews a delegate from Norway (synchronously), a demonstration of unemployed in London, the arrest of one of the protesters., young people on the streets of European cities.

Borisov is filming.

Pleasure boats at the embankment of the Moscow river.

Borisov talking to one of the participants of the festival.

Borisov on the embankment of the Moscow river interviewing the participants of the festival, telling about themselves and their impressions of the festival (synchronously).

View of the stadium during the closing ceremony of the festival on August 3, 1985.

The spectators in the stands, views of the stadium during the night of the toast (above), glowing in the night sky the logo of the festival, fireworks over the stadium.




Moscow [820] Western Europe [911]


Summer [824]

Festivals of Youth and Students; International cooperation; Demonstrations