The peaceful life of a retired major.. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: O. Nifontova

Script writers: A. Vasinskij, O. Nifontova

Operators: G. Dubrovin

Recordist: A. Romanov

Other authors: V. Russo


The film is dedicated to the conservation of bogs in the Leningrad region on the example of the integrated reserve "Tract "White stone".

Geography and Nature | Ecology

Reel №1

The woman's eyes.

A man with a dog crossing a stream on stones.

A person's reflection in the water.

Wall structure made of logs.

The types of forest streams and rivers.

View of the forest swamps.

The woman's face.

Daisies in a vase on the windowsill, the film's protagonist-Vasily Petrovich Terent'ev sits at a Desk, typing on a typewriter.

Face Terentyev.

Photo Terentyev and his wife at the end of the great Patriotic war, behind the scenes story sounds Terentyev about his life, about the fulfillment, the desire to restore the way of life of the Russian village, about the need to preserve wetlands as part of an integral natural complex (synchronously).

Terentyev comes out of the kitchen.

Wife Terentyeva in the kitchen.

Wife escorts Terentyev.

Terentyev with the dog out of the yard.

The view from the boarded up window of an abandoned farmhouse.

Butterfly on the window.

Terentyev fit through the high weeds to the old stone building.

Spider in the web.

Interior views of abandoned and dilapidated rural houses, the sun shines through the hole in the roof.

The types of the abandoned village.

The woman's face.

Terentyev runs along past the sandy slope on the river Bank.

Bird nests in sand-lime the wall of the cliff.

Panorama of fallen trees, lie the remains of tree trunks (above).

Face Terentyev.

The types of peat in place tesovskoe marshes.

Panorama level field in the former marshes.

The process of peat extraction.

The sand in the hourglass, the woman's face (split-screen).

Terentyev goes through the swamp to the island of White stone.

The types of peat bogs.

Hunter gun charges.

Muzzle hunting dogs.

A civil servant, sitting at the table, blow bubbles.




Moscow [820]


Summer [824]

Russian cities and regions; Flora and fauna

Reel №2

Mind the bogs in the natural White stone.

Terentyev goes through the swamp.

Marsh vegetation.

Medicinal plants growing on the marshes.

A flower sundew.

A species of marsh berry, cranberry, growing on a swamp.

The Chicks in the nest.

Terentyev sitting on the stone, making notes in Notepad.

Face Terentyev.

Terentyev over the Desk looking at the answers coming from the authorities on his request to declare the tract of White rock reserve.

Terentyev prints another appeal.

The meeting with the officials, the participants blow bubbles (game scene, symbolizing the inertia of the bureaucratic machine), behind the scenes story sounds Terentyev about his struggle for the creation of the reserve (synchronously).

Industrial your come out of the tube (contrast mode).

The angel on the mount of branches, trees uprooted from the ground and fly away (split screen, animation).

Printing the document on a typewriter, the text of the decision on the establishment of the reserve.

The figure of a woman in white, lying on the ground.

Terentyev at his Desk, face Terentyev.

The raindrops flow down the tree trunk, the female face in the wood (split-screen).

Fog over the marsh.

Dragonfly on a stalk of grass.

Swamp gas coming out of the water.

A dry leaf floating on the river.

The types of swamps, fog.

Floats on the river a man on the boat.

View of the river and the forest.

Face Terentyev.

Terent'ev goes on the road, paved with cobblestones, female face amid the road (split-screen).




Moscow [820]


Summer [824]

Russian cities and regions; Flora and fauna