Dream Ufimtseva Anatolia. (1984)

Documentary №51810, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:07
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ostashenko E.
Screenwriters:Saranduk A.
Camera operators:Filimonov P.
Composers:Haryutchenko A.


The film tells about the Russian inventor of the self-A. G. Ufimtsev, his work on the use of wind energy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of one of the streets of Kursk.

Windmill among houses.

The view of the yard of the Station of young technicians to them.

Ufimtseva A. G.

Members of the technical circle and ride around the yard on electric car, assemble model of wind turbine.

View of the tower with the wind engine.

Photos of the streets of Kursk.

Baby pictures Ufimtseva.

The picture of the astronomer looking through a telescope.

Astronomical tables prepared by the Santa Ufimtseva - Semenov F.

Portrait Of F. Semenova

Photos Ufimtseva while studying in a real school.

Photo of the procession in Kursk.

Censer in the hands of the priest, the parishioners receive the Eucharist.

Photo Ufimtseva with a gun in his hand.

Photo of the Znamensky monastery in Kursk.

The Church bell rings.

Interior view of a prison cell.

The picture Burg in Akmolinsk, where he was exiled Ufimtsev.

Photo working on the convicts.

Photo Ufimtseva with the camera.

Newsreel of the 1910-ies: the peasants plow the land and sow the field.

Manual oil extraction in Baku, working lift from oil wells.

Farmers threshed grain with flails hand.

Photograph of immigrants on a halt.

Photo of the Akmolinsk.

Portrait of Gorky A. M. 1900-ies.

Photo of the house in Akmolinsk, where he lived in exile Ufimtsev.

The drawings were first inventions, patents for inventions issued by Ufimceva, portrait Ufimtseva.

Photo Ufimtseva, returning in 1906 to Kursk.

Photos of streets of Kursk in the early 20th century.

Newsreel of the 1910-ies: the workers at the foundry.

Miners working in the mine.

Workers cut sheets of iron.

Miner tyagalschik at the bottom.

Portrait Ufimtseva.

Photograph of the interior of the Studio were in Kursk.

The pictures were constructed from aircraft-sphereplay, and engine.

Photos friend and helper Ufimtseva - Vetchinkin V. P.

Proceedings of Vetchinkin in the field of development of Russian aviation.

Photo created Ufimtsev of sphereplay.

The text of the letter Ufimtseva Vetchinkina, photography Ufimtseva.

Running across the sky, the clouds, the grass sways under the gusts of wind bend the branches of the trees.

Calendar: 1910s

Locations: Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The two-storey residential houses in Kursk, the light from the window on the second floor.

Spinning wooden top, photo of Zhukovsky N. E. Vetchinkin among colleagues.

The scheme for obtaining and storing electrical energy using wind turbine proposed by Ufimtsev (animation).

The patent, issued Ufimtseva in 1918.

Photo Ufimtseva among the workers and engineers during the construction of an experimental power plant in Kursk.

View of the base of the tower of the wind turbine in Kursk, to the tower suitable former assistant Ufimtseva Durnev V. K., behind the scenes are memories Durneva (synchronously).

Face Durneva.

Photo Ufimtseva and Durneva with the engineers during the construction of the power plant, Durnev standing at the base of the tower, inspecting it.

Photos Ufimtseva on the construction of power plants, view of the tower from below, Durnev inspects the tower.

A kind of inertia-kinetic battery installed inside the tower, Durnev hand rotating flywheel.

The blades of the wind turbine installed on tower.

View adjacent to plant street in Kursk.

A plaque in the Kursk after meeting in 1928, M. Gorky and A. Ufimtseva, article and photos in the newspaper "Kursk Pravda", dedicated to the arrival of Gorky to Kursk.

Photos of Gorky and Ufimtseva.

Wind turbines were on top of the tower.

Transmission line , extending from the powerhouse Ufimtseva.

The lamp rotates a wind turbine power plant.

Photos Ufimtseva and Vetchinkin.

Doctor of technical Sciences Vetchinkin N. In. gives interviews (synchronously), drawing air dam for utilization of wind energy on an industrial scale proposed by Ufimtsev.

The types of towers with wind engine.

Photo Ufimtseva.

Information on the health status of Gorky, published in the Newspapers.

Chemicals in flasks, portrait Ufimtseva.

Photo Ufimtseva in the office.

Clouds in the sky, the trees swaying in the wind forest landscapes, rotates a wind turbine Ufimtseva.

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