Tourism for All.. (1982)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Ostrovskij L.

Script writers: Polonskij D.

Operators: Revzin Ya.


The film presents various kinds and a wide geography of tourism.

Russian cities and regions | Life and leisure

Reel №1

Panoramas fields.

Mountain waterfall.

Groups of tourists at the station.

Train arriving at the station.

People sit in the car.

The train goes.

Baggage on the shelves.

People in the car.

Young people sing songs with a guitar.

Those passengers.

Autumn field.


A group of tourists on the trail.

Girl photographs cascades of water.

Tourists descend the trail to the forest.

The ruins of the ancient city.

Tour group in the courtyard of the temple.

Domes of the church.

The mountain river.

Tourists crossing a river on a suspension bridge.

Apples on the branches.

People walk down the garden path.

Tourist routes on the electronic map of the USSR.

Next to the card girl talk.

Coach enters the Red Square.

Traffic near the Red Square.

Tour group.

View of the parking lot.

Central Tourist House (now Hotel "Astrus").

People at the exhibition dedicated to tourism.

Exhibits in the windows - camping equipment, and transportation.

The hotel complex "Izmailovo".

Buses on the ground in front of buildings.

Tashkent region, tourist complex "Chimgan".

By booking a bus pulls up.

People out of the bus and go to the hotel.

Tashkent, buses in the parking lot, hotel buildings.

View Kukeldash.

The architectural ensemble Sheikhantaur.

Tour group in the yard.

Fragments of the ensemble.

Sculpture - flying birds.

People sit in the bus.

The bus is leaving.

Museum-estate of the artist Ilya Repin.

Pleasure boats on the Neva.

View from the water of St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

The passengers on the upper deck of the ship.

Cruiser Aurora ".

Tour of the Lenin places.

The ship passes under the bridge (shooting from the wheelhouse), the captain at the helm.

The ship is on the river.

The palace and park ensemble of Peterhof.

View of the Grand Cascade and the Grand Palace from the fountain "Samson".

Fragment of cascade.

View of the sea channel from the palace.

The passengers of the train "Tourist" look out the window.

Train departs.

Plane takes off.

Ship "Alexander Ulyanov."

Members of the crew in the cockpit.

Lake Onega, Kizhi Island, an architectural ensemble of the Kizhi churchyard.


Alternation: excursion group ensemble pieces.

View of the island from the boat.

Counter ship.

Cruise ship "Fyodor Chaliapin" at the pier.


The passengers of the bus.

Bus on the mountain road.

People go to the mall.

Excursion to the tower.

View of the hotel from the sea.

Black Sea beach.

Adults and children swimming near the shore.

Tourist hotel.

Passing by the hotel bus.

Kostroma region, hostel "Volzhsky surf."

People with backpacks on the dock.

Tourists loaded boat.

Family crews on the water.

The boy turns sleeping bag.

Children sleeping bag is packed.

Child ties backpack and tosses it over his shoulder.

Chalet "Pine Forest", a walking tour group.

A small child in a backpack behind his father.

A group of children walking along the trail.

Group breaks camp.

Children put up tents.

Cook on duty at the stake.

The tent city.


Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Peterhof [950] Kostroma region [782] Uzbekistan [236]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Excursion to the War Memorial.

People bring flowers to the Eternal Flame.

A minute of silence.

Flowers eternal flame burns.

The memorial complex "To the Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle" on Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd.

Tourists at the graves of soldiers in the forest.

People go down the trail.

Tourists with flashlights in the Vorontsov caves.

People crossing a river on a suspension bridge.

Camp site "South", classes in archery.

Dombay, a view of the bus station, it is snowing.

Hotel Corps of firs.


Skiers ascend by cable car to the mountains.

An instructor with a group of skiers.

Adults and children skiing.

A group of riders in the mountains.

Tourists in the woods.

People walk past monuments in the mountains.

Transition stream over rocks.

Up on the mountain road going car.

People watching the machines.

Restored cars wartime crossing the creek.

Cars take turns.

Chain on a wheel.

Car forcing the dirt timber.

Drivers sawed the fallen trees and clearing the road.

Machines go through the woods.

Car ferry across the river.

Leningrad, youth camp "Losevo" Participants of All-Union regattas.

Men carry oared rafting catamaran.

Competitions catamarans.

Spectators on the shore.


A car passes through the stream.

Group of climbers on high mountains.

Competitions for motorsport.

Tourists climb the mountain.

Gathering of tourists on the outskirts of the village.


Leningrad region [785] Krasnodar region [761] Volgograd [946] Karachay-Cherkessia [745]


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]