We praise Thee - Russian chants.. (1989)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Petrenko T.

Script writers: Kozlovskij A.

Operators: Antonov A., Muravjev Yu.


Unique phenomenon of world music - Russian choral singing "a cappella." A path that took it singing.

Music | History

Reel №1

Man goes to the temple on a snowy road, winter rural landscape.

The gates of the monastery.

Inside view of the Orthodox Church is a service.

The woman with the baby puts candles.

The icon with the face of the Savior.

The rite of baptism, the priest puts baby in a font.

The Church sings the monastic male choir (synchronously), the interior of the Church.

The face of a parishioner.

Icon Of St.

John Chrysostom.

Hand, opening an ancient book with marks of the Byzantine Church hymns.

Frescoes and icons depicting the Savior and the blessed virgin.

The texts of the Greek and Slavonic stichera records of John Chrysostom, troparion of the cross.

The text of the verses, Metropolitan Peter and the portrait of Ivan the terrible who wrote it.

The text of the Gospel canticles Fedora Krestyaninova.

Monastic choir performs the chant (synchronously), interior view of the temple.

Winter rural landscape, a distant view of the Orthodox churches.

The panorama of the edge of the winter forest.

Portrait of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

The leaves of the book with notes and marks of the Church hymns.

View of the Peter and Paul fortress, monument to Peter I.

Running over the river cloud.

Women's choir in the Church sings a song (synchronous), view of the Orthodox Church.


Reel №2

Sheets with notation of Berezovsky's music.

The face of the composer, the piano with its notes.

The view of the Orthodox chapel at sunset, rural landscapes at sunset.

Empty oval frame for a portrait.

The view of the Orthodox Church at sunset.

Portrait of the composer D. Bortniansky

An icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Church.

Boy singers in costumes of the 18th century the Church hymn sing (synchronously).

The conductor directs the choir performing Church singing during a rehearsal.

Girl laid out notes on music stands, choir rehearses fragments of songs, the faces of the conductor and choristers.

Portrait of Bortniansky, the sheet music of his compositions.

The choir in rehearsal performs works by Bortniansky (synchronously), the face of the conductor is reflected in the lid of a Grand piano.

Conductor during a break makes notes in a musical line.

Winter landscape, behind the scenes sounds songs (synchronously), the panorama of the old manor.

Inside view of the Orthodox Cathedral children's choir in costumes of the 18th century performs works Bortnyansky (synchronously).

The face of the conductor.


Reel №3

View patronales icons Tchaikovsky P. I., stored in St.

Nicholas Cathedral.

Cover sheet of the Liturgy" by Tchaikovsky.

Choir in the Church sings "Liturgy" (synchronous), view of the Central iconostasis, candles in front of icons of the virgin, General view of the choir.


Blades of grass swaying in the wind, the panorama of autumn birch forest.

Trunks of birch trees, the view of the Orthodox Church.

General view of the choir performing the "Liturgy" (synchronous).

Autumn rural landscape, types of Orthodox churches, the reflection in the water temple.

Portrait of the composer S. V. Rachmaninoff

The choir performed "Vespers" by Rachmaninoff (synchronously), the interior of the temple, face, singing women and men, the blessed virgin, St.

John Chrysostom.

Open the altar, inside view of the altar.

Reflected on the water of the Orthodox Church to the fact that "all-night vigil" (synchronous).

The choir sings "all night vigil" (synchronously), the face of the conductor.


Reel №4

Icon of the Theotokos, the interior of the temple, the sound of "vigil" (synchronously), people light candles, the icon of St.

Seraphim of Sarov.

Running over a field of clouds, the view of the Orthodox Church.

The choir continues to sing "Vespers" by Rachmaninoff (synchronously).

The icon of the blessed virgin Mary, view of the Central altar, to the singing of the choir.

The view of the Orthodox Church in the late evening.

Composer Schnittke, A. G. sitting in a chair, face Schnittke.

The choir, performing hymns in the hall of the Moscow Conservatory, conductor and choristers of the choir.

View of the facade of an Orthodox Church (bottom).

The face of the conductor, the chorus on the stage of the Moscow Conservatory.

Composers; Religion

Reel №5

Composer Schnittke, A. G. sitting in a chair in his room.

Types of Orthodox churches, traveling across the sky.

Rural landscapes, Orthodox churches, behind the scenes, the choir performs works by Schnittke (synchronously), fragments of frescoes depicting the removal of the Saviour from the cross.

Flying over the temple coming on Board the aircraft, the Orthodox temples at sunset.

View of the iconostasis of one of the temples, in the center of the Holy Trinity, the fragments of the iconostasis.

Man goes to the temple on a snowy road, the view of the temple of the sun.

Composers; Religion