Microbiology and biotechnology. New Horizons. (1985)

Documentary №51827, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:28
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:E. Pokrovskij
Screenwriters:V. Biljchinskij
Camera operators:Yu. Sosnickij
Sound mixer:A. Romanov
Other authors:M. Horol


The film tells about the scientific developments carried out in the laboratories of the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the petrochemical plant (top).

Panorama of the equipment of the feed protein production line.

Panorama of a part of the enterprise.

Part of the feed production process.

Automatic packaging of feed yeast in paper bags.

Transportation of finished products of the plant inside the warehouse.

The text of the decree of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the organization of the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms.

Photo of the first director of the Institute, Academician of Jerusalem, laying the foundation stone of the institute building.

Panorama of the complex of buildings of the Institute.

Employees of the Institute go to work.

The Director of the Institute, Academician G.K. Scriabin, holds a meeting of the Academic Council.

The faces of Scriabin and the participants of the meeting.

Employees of the laboratory of microbiological synthesis of proteins conduct research and experiments.

The course of the next experiment on the synthesis of petroleum paraffins.

Internal types of laboratories.

Conducting experiments on protein synthesis using methane and methanol.

Bacteria-methanotrophs in an aqueous solution of methane.

Structure and scheme of metabolism of microorganisms (animation).

Sorting of test tubes with studied strains in the laboratory.

A swivel with test tubes in the laboratory cabinet.

Examples of biological raw materials in nature, forest, vegetation.

Larvae and fungi on the bark of trees and shrubs.

The structure of cellulose under a microscope.

Employees of one of the laboratories during the search for microorganisms that destroy legnin in cellulose.

Samples of a fungus whose enzymes decompose legnin in cellulose.

Preparation for the solid-phase fermentation process for mushroom cultivation in the laboratory.

Transformation of coarse plant mass into valuable feed with the help of mushroom enzymes (slow motion).

The feed obtained as a result of the experiment.

Feed samples on laboratory shelves.

Conducting an experiment on the production of proteins from ethyl alcohol-ethanol.

Yeast grown on media with ethyl alcohol.

Bread with added artificial yeast.

Processing of laboratory research data in a computer center.

A table with research results.

A laboratory employee conducts research on the best strains.

The addition of yeast to milk substitute for calves on the farm.

Calves are drunk with milk and yeast.

Conducting an experiment on the development of technology for microbiological protein production, laboratory equipment.

The use of computers during experiments on the cultivation of microbial culture.

Internal views of the laboratory (panorama), a view of an experimental technological installation.

Type and operation of a model pulse cultivator with various hydrodynamic mixing modes.

The work of disintegrators of microorganisms of various types.

Scheme of focused disintegrating effect on the cell (animation).

Cell division under a microscope.


Skryabin Georgij Konstantinovich -- microbiologist and biochemist

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Interior view of one of the laboratories of the Institute.

Containers with an enzyme preparation created by scientists to fight bacterial infections.

A scientist is conducting an experiment on the effect of staphylococci on antibiotics.

The process of laboratory testing of lysoamidase.

Undisturbed staphylococcus cells under a microscope.

Staphylococcus cells after contact with the drug.

Formation of the lysis zone of staphylococcus cells after the introduction of the enzyme.

Doses of lysoamidase in pharmacy containers.

Conducting experiments with steroids.

The surface of a polyamide pellet under an electron microscope, cells multiplying on the surface of the pellet.

A type of ultra-thin cut of the pellet.

Scheme of cell lysis development (animation).

Filtration of granules in laboratory conditions.

Separation of the obtained prednisolone crystals from water.

Photos of the obtained microorganisms.

Conducting laboratory research in the field of genetic engineering.

The process of obtaining one of the super-producers.

A scheme for creating a new hybrid genetic structure (animation).

Scheme of comparison of natural and artificial strains.

Conducting experiments on biological nitrogen fixation.

Nodules on the roots of leguminous plants, where rhizobia live-bacteria that can absorb nitrogen from the air.

Rhizobia under the microscope.

An electropolygram with stripes where the plasmids of pea rhizobia are grouped, a scheme for the exchange of genetic material during the experiment (animation).

The course of the experiment with genetic material.

Academician A.A. Baev talks about the real possibilities of genetic engineering, about its future, about achievements in this field, about the synthesis of various synthetic compounds, about the prospects of creating genetic structures (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Equipment for experiments in genetic engineering, conducting experiments.

The chemist is conducting another experiment.

Conducting experiments on biotechnology in the laboratories of the Institute.

Entering experimental data into the computer database.

View of the building of the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Microorganisms of the USSR Academy of Sciences.


Baev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich -- biochemist, doctor

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Moscow [820]

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