Moscow city program "Quality".. (1988)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
On request

Director: Rodivilin V.

Script writers: Tarnoruder L.

Operators: Ivanov V.


The film is about improving the quality of products in the industry.


Reel №1


Buyers in the studio.

Man examining his watch.

Girl shows a new model of the coat.

Reel tape recorder.

Woman strokes light from the fiber.

Television sets on the shelves.

Factory automation.

Moscow Center for Standardization and Metrology.

Employees of the center.

The content of the Moscow city program "Quality".

Pages of the book.

Animation: the selection on the page.

The photo.

Alternation: computer operators, working among machines.

A woman pulls out of the car ready drawings.

MPO "Machine-Tool Plant named after Ordzhonikidze."

Says chief designer of the plant A.M.Svetenko.

Work processes in the shops of the plant.

That opens the program "Quality".


Work in the shops of the Moscow plant of automatic lines.

Discussion of product 1st Moscow Watch Factory, comparison with foreign models.

Operating hours of the plant.

Study of models of hours on a computer.

Automated assembly line hours.

Inspection of new models of watches.

Pages albums.

House of Scientific and Technical propaganda standardization.

Experts at the lecture.

The emblem of the Moscow PSHO "Salute".

Manufacture of wearing apparel.

Trying on dresses.

The emblem of the association.

Pages directory.

Alternation: designing clothes on a computer, work in sewing workshops.

Stages of production of men's shirts.


Animation: the content and the symbolism of the "quality".


Animation: the emblem of the association "Salute", the rider archery.


Moscow [820]