Navigation system IL-86 (1985)

Documentary №51858, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:37
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Rodivilin V.
Screenwriters:Konovalova V.
Camera operators:Belov I.


Educational film tells about the use of computers in the management of aircraft flight.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View illuminated by the lights of the runway, landing in night conditions, the aircraft.

View the bow of a landing of the aircraft IL-86 with a glowing landing gear.

Fork maps of the route of flight.

Diagram of aircraft equipment on the stands, the engineer explains their purpose (synchronously).

The look of the navigation system, created on the basis of digital computing machines and is installed on Board the aircraft IL-86.

The list of on-Board navigation systems of the aircraft.

The location of the navigation equipment in the cockpit, indicating the control panel of the system (animation).

Pilots in class for the study of new navigation systems.

A sign on the building, which housed a training detachment of civil aviation.

The teacher continues the lecture (synchronously).

The work of the ground staff ensure the chart identify the various parameters for the navigation systems of aircraft, view of the hall of computers, installation of data cartridge, and a deck of cards, check tables, the installation data, determination of optimal routes of flights, checking of the sets of cards.

Shipping cassettes microfilm for navigation equipment on Board the aircraft.

The teacher explains the order of the input software options in computer memory, the validation of navigation systems before flight (synchronously).

View operating the navigation system of the aircraft.

Navigator ground support explains the procedure for the preparation of the aircraft for the flight (synchronously), shows the order of actions.

The teacher explains the procedure for entering the software of the navigation system and operation of remote training and supervision (synchronous), demonstration actions.

The cassette is a microfilm in the navigation system.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The crew coming on Board the plane.

The Navigator of the aircraft receives information about the readiness of the on-Board navigation system, signs for the microfilm.

The crew in the cockpit preparing to takeoff.

Managers are allowed to take off, inside view of the control tower.

The plane lifts off, clears the chassis.

The crew in the cockpit during the flight, flying airplane.

The teacher explains to the pilots of the sequence of operations when you change a flight plan (synchronously).

Managers keep in touch with the crew while they change route and flight plan.

A diagram of the flight the shortest distance (animation).

The plane is in flight, the crew in the cockpit during the flight.

The teacher explains the procedure for implementation of the flight on the sub-branch route (synchronously), the demonstration of the actions of the crew, flight scheme (animation).

Flying airplane.

The teacher explains the procedure for implementation of the flight on parallel route (synchronously), the flight pattern (animation) flying the plane.

The order of the actions of the crew to return to the main route.

The teacher tells the students about the work of the remote input indication, answers questions (synchronous), view of the remote control.

The equipment in the dispatch center.

The crew takes action to bypass the storm.

Diagram of a bypass storm centers (animation), the teacher continues to explain (synchronously).

The actions of the crew in the approach to the landing airfield, the installation order of the circuit parameters of the approach.

The teacher continues the story of the navigation system of the aircraft (synchronously).

The plane flies above the clouds, the view inside the passenger compartment.

The crew in the cockpit during landing.

The landing of the aircraft, the plane was taxiing on the strip, stop off side lights.

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