Soviet crystal. (1978)

Documentary №51860, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:22
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Rodivilin V.


Promotional film about the production of a number of crystal glassworks.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

On the ice skaters perform.

Cut crystal products.

Alternation: skaters on the ice, cut crystal, glare of light on the walls of the articles.

Figure skater slows down the ridge, the snow is flying at the camera.

Sport tournament award "Crystal Skate".

Various products made of crystal.

Dissolve: Crystal glassware rotates in the background image of flowers, fruits and berries.

Crystal glasses.

Samples of rock crystal.

Workers at the mine.

Crystal friends.

Pour quartz sand.

Sand pours from his hands on the glass.

Vase with a floral pattern.

Work glassblowers.

Photo enterprise.

Posters factories, specializing in the production of crystal.

Animation: the bird flies with the emblem of the plant "Gus Crystal."

Glassmakers working in the shop.

Automatic line for the manufacture of glass jars.

Production of crystal glasses and glasses.

Cut products.

The girl is holding a dish.

The guide tells about the composition of the exhibition.

Rotating emblem factory.

A man walks on the shop floor with the dish in his hands.

Senior master taught the young.

Girl with a vase.

Cut glass.

Samples of the finished glasses.

Locations: Russia [1]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: the sun goes down, spinning vase with floral pattern.

The story about the intricacies of the art of engraving.

Man takes off the shelf and putting the vessel on the table.

Portrait on the wall.

Ancient porcelain and crystal glassware on the table.

Multilevel vase.

Lit old photograph of Peterhof (entry in the opposite direction, picture recovered from the fire).

Great Peterhof Palace fountains work.

The room lit chandeliers.

Exhibition hall.

The woman puts the dish in the window on the stand.

Man tells visitors about the vase.

The artist paints the glass.

Artists draw sketches.

Work glassblower.

Venetian glass (vases).

Grapes rowan.

View of the walls of the Kremlin.

Fragments from cathedral bell.

Animation: flying bird emblem plant "Gus Crystal," are replaced by natural scenery.

Trees on the walls of the vase.

Dissolve: crystal tableware for background birch grove.

Natural motifs in the design of products, exhibits move around and rotate around its axis.

Dissolve: thematic crystal vessels on the background of old churches.

Pictures at an Exhibition.

Alternation: cut individual elements of the service, complete sets.

Exhibits at the show.

The French guests answered questions of journalists.

Crystal dish.

Flowers in a vase.

Vase for fruits.

Outbreaks of fireworks over the fountain in the dark.

From the hands poured sand.

Crystal tableware in glittering sparks.

Meals revolve on supports.

The alternation of fragments of skaters, made of crystal.

Animation: Crystal globe spins on the background of a starry sky, starry sky disappears.

Animation: the globe is transformed into floral patterns.

Rotating emblem enterprise "Raznoexport."

Locations: Russia [1] Peterhof [950]

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