Methods of study of the structure of metals.. (1990)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Selickij V.


Educational film for students of medium - technical schools. Introduces the device of optical and electron microscopes. (Part 1 - Blast Furnaces. Forging. Examples of the use of metals. Microanalysis of the kink. Laboratory - concentrates, tensile testing machines, etching. Microscopic analysis. Structures in the microscope. Mikroshlihi. Electron microscope. Details structures. MLT scheme electron microscope. MLT mikroshliha. Meaning etching. Part 2 - metal structure - increase of 30,000 times, and electron microscopy. Frames. Uvelichiny el.mikroskopom species. Scheme of the microscope MLT. Electrolytic polishing with the deposition of the carbon film. Vacuum deposition. Types of structures.)