Our living planet. (1983)

Documentary №51900, 1 part, duration: 0:09:51
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Senchukov Yu.
Screenwriters:Melik-Pashaeva A.
Camera operators:Bondarj I.



Scientific research on the Earth.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Wild Grass (out of focus).

Ocean waves.

Clouds over the mountains (shot from an airplane, turn the camera).


Geologists rises.

View from the top of the foot of years.

Pages of the book. V.G.Protasov an assistant in the laboratory. V.F.Belyshev. A.M.Ahmetev the table with herbarium.

Panorama mountain lake.

Aquarium fish.


Scientists are watching the fish.

Animation: changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth as a signal of an earthquake.

Personnel news earthquakes on land and at sea.

The rocky wall.

Geologists are on the trail.

People come into the room the research station located in a cave.

A man walks down the aisle with a flashlight and illuminates the seismological equipment.


Scientists are deep into the cave.

Print data.

The specialist checks the equipment receives the message.

Automation notes the data on the map.

Garm, seismological test site.

Scientists have observed the behavior of aquarium fish.



With pine rock falls.

The scientist comes to the laboratory, to view logs.

Seismological equipment.

Rockfall in the mountains.

Flowing mountain river.

Scientist makes notes in a journal.

Recording equipment.


Mountain grass.

Dragonflies on stalks of grass.

Collection of dried dragonflies. V.F.Belyshev makes notes on the map. V.F.Belyshev and M.A.Ahmetev. M.A.Ahmetev makes notes on the map.

Leaves Herbarium. M.A.Ahmetev studying under a microscope plant remains fossilized in sediment.

Samples of plants.

The scientist takes off his glasses.

Animation: the ancient geography of the Earth, the location of the continents on the globe.

From the ground clouds of steam rise.

The split of land.

Scientists compare the edges of continents on the model of the globe.

Animation: the movement of tectonic plates.

Woman examines training materials.


By land flowing lava.

Animation: the difference parts of the continent or island, the formation of mid-ocean ridge.

Scientist conducting line on the layout.

Natural landscape of Iceland.

The group of geologists.

People on the shore of the lake.

Bubbling geyser.

Scientific insures colleague during sampling.

On a frozen lava flowing water.


Mountain vegetation.

Panorama of the valley.


On the stems of grass dragonfly sitting.

Field grass in the background hay stacks.

Ocean waves.

Animation: Earth in space, around the club pairs.


Protasov VR - Ichthyologist, doctor of biological sciences, professor. Belyshev BF - Doctor of Biological Sciences. Akhmet'ev MA - Palaeobotanist, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences.

Locations: Russia [1] Tajikistan [215] Iceland [101]

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