ZIL - the plant and people.. (1983)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Sergeev V.


The film about the Moscow Automobile Plant named I.A.Lihachev, its products and factory workers.

Automobile transport

Reel №1

Automobile Plant named I.A.Lihacheva.

People at the entrance of the plant.

View of the entrance to the column of people with flags in the street.

Participants of the rally.

People stand on the podium.

The street is the orchestra.

Column factory workers.

People with balloons and banners moving towards Red Square.

Red Square, a top view of the mausoleum of Lenin.

On the square are the protesters.

Factory banner with awards.

The solemn ceremony of admission to the Komsomol in the hall of the Museum of labor and military glory.

Yu.T.Barulina and N.O.Kozlov handed Komsomol boys tickets.

Workers in the plant workshops, automatic production lines of parts.

Complex Mechanized shop.

Specialists work on CNC equipment.

Engineers checked against the drawings.

Operators computers process data.

Handling of stock.

Computer's operator.


Specialist control devices.

Conveyor motor housing, workers assemble engines using automation.

A crane lifts the engine.

Key words



Barulin YT - Liteyschitsa, naladchitsa rod cars, Hero of Socialist Labor, the Congress delegates, deputy of the Moscow Soviet.


Moscow [820]


Autumn [826]


Reel №2

Council team.

The building of technical colleges in the plant named I.A.Lihacheva.

At the entrance there are the students.

Students in the classroom.


Podmoskovnaya recreation, flowering lawn in front.

The courtyard in front of the house is tiled.

People ride on the river in boats and catamarans.

In the woods grow mushrooms.

Mushroom pickers are on the path.

People come into the hall.

Factory pension in the Crimea, the sea waves.

She twists hoops.

People engaged in gymnastics in the open air.

Sea waves splashing against the shore.

Top view of the coast.

Hotel housing the trees.

People walking along the park paths.

Holidaymakers on the artificial beach.

Children swimming in the pool.

Children playing in kindergarten.

Kindergarten country type, birch alley.

Pioneer raises the flag in the yard of the camp.

Pioneer lineup.

Children run along the paths near the camp houses.

Children draw.

Factory Palace of Culture, rehearsal of children's dance ensemble.

Rehearsal adults.

Art section, children and adolescents paint.

Boy sitting on the floor.

Children rehearse the dance.

Rehearsal brass band.


Children perform at the festival.

Adults dance the Viennese waltz.

Recording equipment.

The workers on the shop floors, stages of assembly of trucks.

Computer's operator.

Print data.

Powered recording equipment.

Operators control the system.

The operator removes the shelf spool of film.

Production archive.

Key words



Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Crimea [981]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Social life

Reel №3

Computer operator at work.

Print programs.

The main assembly line of the plant, the stages of assembly of trucks.

Experts are working on the last stage.

The meeting of the party committee.

Engineers work in the design department.

Study projects on a computer.

Factory test model ZIL-169. The driver inspects the engine.

The hood is closed.

The steering wheel and dashboard in the cab of the truck.

The driver sits in a cab and moves off.

View of the road from the cabin.

ZIL-169 trucks on the road.

Key words



Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


Autumn [826]