In the Roads of Romania.. (1959)

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Director: Podgoreckaya O.

Script writers: Vintu V.

Operators: Grek I., Zakharova G., Prudnikov M.

Anouncers: Zadachin A., Khelemskaya G.


Romania after World War II, development of industry, agriculture and culture in the country.

Historical background

The film tells about the new life of the Romanian people for the period from the overthrow of the fascist yoke 23rd August 1944 to 23/VIII - 1959. On creation of these 15 years of industry achievements in science, technology and art. A new way of life, the new building, in celebration of the 15-year jubilee in Bucharest.

Temporary description

Romania. Personnel chronicle of the Second World War: fighting the Soviet troops, the population of Romania, the Soviet troops, the guerrillas are Romanian (1944). Landscapes mountains, rivers, valleys and woods. Danube. Vessels. Raftsman driven rafts on a mountain river. Architectural monuments, including the Castle Sighisoara. Oil fields and oil refineries. Loading and unloading operations at the seaport of Constanta. Production processes at industrial enterprises, including the steel plant - the city of Hunedoara. Working Romanian and Soviet experts. Workers engaged in amateur art groups in the houses of culture. Production processes in agriculture. Meeting of the foremost agriculture. G. Gheorghiu Dej advocated. Geological Expedition. Institute of Atomic Physics, Academy of Sciences of Romania. State Reserve in the Danube Delta. River Bistrica. Overlapping of the river and canal. G. Gheorghiu Dej visited one of the industrial enterprises in the city of Craiova. City of Bucharest. Khrushchev's meeting with G. Georgiou Dezhem. Townscape. Traffic, pedestrians. Meeting in the National Assembly. Theater. Gallery. Museum village (rural life). Market. Park. Competitions athletes at the stadium. Filming a feature film studios in the pavilions (synchronously). Performances by singers and dancers in the studio of the Central Television (synchronously). International Music Festival named after George Enescu. Speakers: Yehudi Menuhin (USA), D. Oistrakh (USSR). Military parade and demonstration in Bucharest.

Reel №1

B / W footage of events on August 23, 1944 - the newspaper reported on the overthrow of the fascist yoke.

Soviet tanks and the troops passing through the streets of Bucharest, the population welcomed the Soviet soldiers - liberators.

Spring. (Colored frames).

Landscapes of Romania.

Blossoming orchards.

CU. - Branches of a blossoming apple tree.

CU. - Bee on the flowers of apple.

Mountains, rocks.

In the gorge along the highway going car.

The car goes on the road with forest.

PNRM. - Mountain landscape.

The Danube is the steamer.

Lesosplavschiki lead river rafts.

Are destroyed by the river rafts.

A ruined castle.

Castle Sizhmoary.

Mining town.

PNRM. - A new mine.

PNRM. - Among the hills of a monument in honor of the overthrow of the Turkish yoke.

Details - eagle on the monument (heraldry).

CU. - The top of the monument.

CU., LS., Mast CHP. They smoke pipe factory.

LS. - Goes w / a structure with tractors.

PNRM. - A forest of oil rigs in the metal Oltenia - the center of the oil industry.

PNRM. - Oil refinery in Moldova.

Pass the tank with oil.

PNRM. - The highway transport by car neftevyshku.

Setting neftevyshek bounds for three minutes.

Romanian chronicle footage: from the well drawn in the rink working, raising a tub of oil from the well.

Oil poured out of a barrel in the gutter.

Does the new neftevyshka in India, Romanian wizard helps oil companies in India.

Neftevyshke to mark Romanian plant.

Automatic lifts and sets neftevyshku.

PNRM. - The port of Constanta.

With mooring ship cars on board.

PNRM. - Hunedoara - center of the steel industry.

Blast furnace.

Pouring molten metal.

Students - Trainees at the furnace are recording.

Steelmaker Aurel Stanciu avtoupravleniya the podium.

On the way to the plant are peasants.

PNRM. - Workers poured into the furnace charge.

Workers at the open-hearth furnace.

Party meeting at the plant, vote, take the Communist Party Aurel Stanciu.

Shop mill, installed in 1000 millimeter blooming.

Reel №2

Shop mill.

Installation of the blooming is over.

Mark on the turbine, "the USSR. Electric power plant them.

Kirov. "

Start blooming.

Blooming in the installation work by Soviet and Romanian engineers.

This Alexander Bogatyrev with Novokramatorsk plant and Bucharest master - Peter Petrik.

Smitek hot metal on the conveyor blooming.

Plan an evening of Hunedoara.

PNRM. - Kaksahamicheskogo Cannery in Hunedoara, created in collaboration by Soviet and Romanian experts.

The workers at the furnace.

PNRM. - Discharged from the coke ovens.

PNRM. - Train rides with the miners.

MS. - Passing trucks with coal.

Goes w / d of coal composition (shot from above).

Go to the factory workers.

In a grove meeting delegates.

Said Delegate (synchronously). new homes.


Pioneers in charge.

Holiday house in greenery.

Holidaymakers on the veranda.


Swimming in the sea.

House of Culture in Reschitsah.

Rehearsal initiative - the orchestra, rehearse "Unfinished Symphony" by Schubert.

CU. Plan conductor, orchestra musicians.

There's also a club - a class for training young people in part-time and vechernik institutions.

One at the blackboard writing formulas.

Painting Class - PNRM.

Workshop artists.


Peasant dances in the meadow (synchronously).

Seven-year school - students sitting at their desks.

The building of the hospital - the doctor examines the patient.

Physiotherapy, patients receive treatment.

Passing the auto-field equipment.

PNRM. - The wave field of wheat.

Hat cap on wheat ears, so the bread is ripe, can be removed. (People's sign).

In the box is an agronomist and farmer collective economy in Baragane Chuck.

Harvesting wheat in a field tractor binder.

Reel №3

Harvested field farm, are in a shock of sheaves.

B / w legacy of the past: - the old mill, the old portable engine.

PNRM. - Manor House.


From / pl - in front of the kolkhoz, is a group of farmers.

PNRM. - Collective farm outbuildings dairy farm.

From / pl - building power farm.

From / pl - power inside.

PNRM. - Irrigation canal runs through the field.

MS. - Water fills the field.

CU. - Bush of red pepper in the water.

PNRM. - Vineyards farm, collective farmers harvested mountain grapes.

From / pl - street farm, is the chairman of a collective farm, the former poor Ion Florea and agronomist.

PNRM. - Outside farm storage of maize.

Multkarta - indicating the number of collective farms in Romania.

PNRM. - Machine yard farm.

From / pl - shop of the plant with fertilizer.

PNRM. - The machine in the field scatters fertilizer.

PNRM. - A selection field corn Institute.

CU. - Student recap corn.

PNRM. - Field corn.

MS. - Passes a herd of cows.

In electric milking barn.

Milkmaid merges milk cans.

CU. - Spilled milk.

CU. - Grapes.

CU. - Pouring wine into a glass.

CU. - A bottle of wine.

From / pl - wine cellar, there are barrels of wine.

PNRM. - The building of the Agronomy Institute.


From / pl - students engaged in the classroom.

Students in the hall with a / c cars.

PNRM. - The plane - expanses of fields and / x construction.

The construction of the pipeline.

Youth digging a trench.

Unrolling machine tube mica paper.

Pipes laid in the trench, ready pipeline.

From / pl - wood.

On the suspension bridge are geologists in the mountains.

MS. - Geologists with horses cross the river.

PNRM. - Geologists are in the woods.

Geologists are sitting at the rock.

Consider stone.

At the Institute of Atomic Physics, Academy of Sciences.

MS. - Mechanical hand at work.

Members of the Institute at the reactor suitable academician J. Holub Director of the Institute, a member of the World Peace Council.

CU. - Said J. Holub (synchronously).

Operation of the reactor.

In the laboratories of the institute conducting research in nuclear physics.

Devices that allow using the reactor to produce radioactive isotopes as well.

MS. - Devices extract isotopes.

Laboratory Institute of Company now spectrograph for neutrons, it was put into effect by the USSR.

The search for oil with nuclear logging.

CU. - Oil in the drill.

Isotope signal indicates the oil is.

MS. - Treatment with isotopes, the patient lies with the device.

MS. - A doctor at the device.

Reel №4

MS. - The building of the Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna.

MS. - Romanian scientists working with Soviet and Chinese.

In Bucharest, at a meeting of the session at the table Romanian, German, Czech and Polish specialists are discussing a study of the Danube delta reed for the paper and pulp industry.

PNRM., With the aircraft - the Danube Delta.

PNRM. - A huge number of birds - removed from the aircraft.

MS., PNRM. - Pelicans in the Delta.

MS. - Soaring pelicans.

From / pl. - Flocks of birds in the air.

Different plans - fishermen in boats fishing in the reeds.


PNRM. - Huge space reeds.

Machines for harvesting cane.

Harvesting cane machine.

Floating barge on the Danube with reeds.

The construction of the pulp mill.

Boilers for boiling cane.

Shop cardboard.

Involved in this - the specialists of Romania, the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Scenery of the autumn forest - different.



Bicaz Gorge - removed from the train.

River Bistrica.

Mount Chahleu.

Neamt Fortress.

Rafts on the river.

The explosion in the mountains.

Construction of hydropower on the river Bistrica.

PNRM. - Shot from above construction Bicaz.

Pipe Plant in Roman.

Truboprokatki shop.

Finished products of the plant - pipe.

In Seaineshti built chemical plant artificial fiber.

Housing construction in Bikoze.

Construction of new homes in the city Onashti.

Reel №5

B / W footage in 1944, ruined cities, factories during the war.

Gheorghiu-Dej, a group of people inspecting the ruins.

On Sundays workers are employed to rebuild cities, bridges, factories.

Color - Visit Gheorghiu-Dej plant in Kra.

In the shop of the plant Gheorghiu Dej and chat with one of the workers.

Bucharest from the plane.

Streets, squares of Bucharest, flower gardens, children on the boulevards.

New homes.

Construction of new homes on the outskirts of a proud working-class neighborhoods.

PNRM. - A new children's hospital.

The doctor listens to the girl.

Children lie on the sand under a quartz lamp.

House of Culture "House Skinteyn."

The building of the National Assembly.

In the courtroom deputy.

Art gallery in the former royal palace.

Paintings by Rembrandt.

Farmers look at the pictures.

Museum of the Romanian village in the center of Bucharest.

Exhibits of folk art.

Park Bowl stadium filled with spectators.

Ballet under water.

Reel №6

Different plans - Night scene of Bucharest, shine color displays.

PNRM. - The night garden restaurant.

Filming in the restaurant, the actors, director and cameraman for shooting.

In the television studio.

PNRM. - Music and dance installation "Chuledra" the orchestra Barbuda Lautaro ensemble dances railwaymen.

Sophia sings Popa (synchronously).

Cheering Okanauma hall.

Conducted by George Georgescu composer and violinist.

Performed "Romanian Rhapsody" (synchronous), George Enescu.

At the international festival in concerts in honor of D. Enescu were: John conducts Barbilolli - England (synchronous), pianist Claudio Arrau - Chile (synchronously), Oistrakh (synchronous) performs Bach's Concerto.

On the day of the 23rd August 1959 demonstration in the streets of Bucharest.

The government platform Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, welcomed the demonstrators.

Flowering branches.

Construction of the dam to Bicaz.

The workshops of the pulp mill in Savineshti hundred meters fibers - relona.

Flower beds in the streets Onesti.

PNRM. - New homes in Chuck.

New rolling mill 50 in Hunedoara.

Confluence of the Danube in the sea.


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