Horse in a large diversified economy.. (1986)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
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Director: Solovcov N.

Script writers: Evzovich Zh.

Operators: Novickij N.


The film tells about the use of working horses in agriculture, the development of horse breeding.


Reel №1

Corridor stables, opened the door of the stall comes foal.

A man removes from the horse stall.

People let the horses out.

The herd being driven in a field.

Agricultural machinery, cleaning of feed.

Blacksmiths forge horseshoes.

Koval shoeing a horse.

A horse in a stall.

Man harness horse cart.

On the way, goes the cart.

Chutovo entrance to the village, collective farm named after Lenin.

Horses are transported feed.

Directions to the harness of township streets.


Construction site.

Entry into the territory of the kolkhoz farm.

Pigs in a stable.

Poultry farm.

Alternation: barns, breeding calves.

Shepherds herd go round.

The horses in the corral.

On the road passing cart.

The sun shines through the trees.

Horses run on mowing.

On the road passing tank.

The cart is loaded with grass.

Delivery of grass in the barn.

Man falls asleep in the grass feeders.

Delivery feeds on poultry farms.

Area of ​​agricultural machinery.

Repair of equipment.

Cleaning feed.

Delivery of fuel tractors in the field.

Delivery of drinking water machine operators.

View: wagon rides to the store.

Handling of bread.

Children play on the court.

Delivery of milk and bread in kindergarten.

The cart rides down the street.

The horse picks up the straw.

A woman pulls out a bag of bread.

Key words

Equine. Livestock.


Ukraine [229]


Summer [824]

Reel №2

Harvesting on the collective gardens, carriage riding.

The child comes to horses.

Harrowing garden.

Herd in the fields.

Zaezdka young horse.

Steam harness.

Horses grazing in front equestrian center.

Mares with foals at Levadia.

Young people learn to care for animals (horses, cleaning, cleaning stables).

The street horse-drawn carriage rides.

A group of riders.

Alternation: horse-drawn carriage, pets.

Competitions tyazheloupryazhnyh breeds horses.

Garden trees.

Herds on farms and in the fields.

Key words

Equine. Livestock.


Ukraine [229]


Summer [824]