Stopochnoy line forming. (1984)

Documentary №51938, 1 part, duration: 0:06:38
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Stapran A.


Promotional film shows how it works and the effectiveness of automatic line when filling metal - stopochnoy molding.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Blanks of machine parts made by casting.

Formation of injection molds.

Pouring metal into molds.

Automatic stack forming line.

The usual way of pouring metal into molds.

Such a spill leads to unjustified losses of time and metal.

A cartoon explaining the new system of pouring metal into molds.

Layout of the automatic line.

The stacks can have from 8 to 16 rows of forms arranged one above the other.

The output of castings increases with the same number of flasks.

The stack forming machine with a cycle of 10 seconds has a number of positions.

At the first stage, a stack of flasks is pushed off the conveyor.

At position two, a stock of a stack of flasks can be produced in front of the deliverer.

This is the advantage of the line, the machine is freed from the rigid connection.

The third position is disassembly of a stack of flasks.

Starting from the top, they are quickly fed to the mold manufacturing position.

The molding mixture from the hopper enters the flask through the dispenser.

The method of compaction is pressing.

If necessary, you can get a form that has two prints.

At the next position, the molded flasks are collected in a stack.

At this position, the stack is waiting for its place on the conveyor to continue its journey to the loading mechanism.

Filling the stack with metal.

On the cooling branch of the conveyor, the metal in the molds has time to cool down to the required temperature.

After that, the knockout mechanism comes into effect.

The line allows you to increase the yield of finished raw materials while reducing the consumption of the molding mixture and metal.

And again, empty flasks go to the stack forming machine.

From one to three automatic machines can be installed on the line.

Samples of castings.

The small dimensions of the line make it possible to economically use the production area of the workshop.

Key words

Automatic line.

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