First Decembrist.. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Tavrog M.

Script writers: P. Sirkes

Operators: E. Potievskij


The fate of the Decembrist V.F.Raevskogo.


Reel №1

On a snowy road horse driven carriage.

Horse driven carts on the snow plain.

The carriage rides on the road sometimes years.

Chisinau, the house where he lived Vladimir Rajewski.

Portrait (Figure) hero of the war of 1812, General Mikhail Orlov.

Figures soldier school classes drill.

Portrait Rajewski.

PNRM. from the window on a burning candle.

PNRM. from the window on the self-portrait drawing-AS Pushkin in his youth.

Street, steps from the house, the door ajar.

Skip Raevskogo rooms of the house.

Picture: Portrait of VF Rajewski.

PNRM. on the table lit by candle, lay the book.

Artistic portrait Rajewski.

Flashing lights and paper records.

On a snowy road horse driven carriage.

Camera with brick walls, where he sat Raevskii.

The road between the oaks.

Manor Rayevskys village Khvorostyanka Kursk province.

Portrait of mother and father Vladimir Rajewski under standing on the table.

View of the building with columns on the waterfront.

Figure: building university hostel in Moscow, where he studied under Vladimir Rajewski.


Petersburg, the church is reflected in the water of the river.

The building of the Cadet Corps, where he lived B. Raevskii Artistic portrait of a young Rajewski.

Picture: Salon early 19th century in St.


Sculpture: Portrait of a Woman.

Picture: the battle with the French in the War of 1812.

Fragments of the Battle of Borodino (color painting) Close-up: a medal with the inscription "1812 god."

Travel to the inscription "For Bravery".

Fortress, where he sat Raevskii.

Letter Raevskogo friends poems.

Brick wall camera Rajewski.

Pushkin manuscript.

The grille on the window.

Interrogation reports, stitching through a magnifying glass.

Figure: Pavel Pestel in profile.

Lit candle in a candlestick, flame wavers.

Palace Square with the Alexander Column.

Folders with papers questioning, hands placed one on another.

Picture of the events of December 14 1825, troops in the area.

The gate of the fortress.

The camera in the Peter and Paul Fortress, which contained Rajewski.

Petersburg buildings reflected in the water of the Neva.

Pair of horses running along the narrow street, the view through the eyes of the driver.

Portrait in full growth Tsar Nicholas the First.

Portrait Rajewski.

Raevskogo saber with the inscription "For Bravery".

Three horses takes away the sled on a snowy plain.