Arachne's thread.. (1987)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: E. Taravkova

Script writers: M. Struzhinskaya

Operators: M. Ventcelj

Composers: P. Ovsyannikov

Recordist: N. Kuznecov

Other authors: N. Kaspe


The film tells about the history of silk, cotton, wool and linen threads about the origin of weaving and the production of modern fabrics.

History | Industry

Reel №1

The painting depicts a Greek girl Arachne, spinning thread.

The image of Athena and Arachne turned into a spider.

A spider weaving its web.

Paintings depicting the daily life of primitive people.

A flock of sheep in a meadow.

Grazing camels.

View the mulberry tree.

The leaves on the branch of a mulberry tree.

The caterpillars eat the leaves of the mulberry tree.

Caterpillar produces a thread-Shelkovenko and builds around itself a cocoon.

The cocoons of caterpillars.

The human hand is wet cocoon and begin to unwind.

Stone, suspended on a silk thread of the cocoon, the filament holds the stone.

Drawings depicting the beginning of sericulture and production of silk fabrics in China in the 3rd Millennium BC.

Samples of products from Chinese silk with patterns.

Pieces patterns on silk.

Ripening heads of cotton.

Human hand stretch cotton box into fibers.

Kinds flax fields flax harvesting by hand.

Winter rural landscape.

Wooden houses in the village.

The interior of the old peasant houses, a woman sitting by the window spinning flax.

The process of hand-spinning flax.

Spinning flax with spindle and mechanical spinning-wheel.

View of a wooden hut.

The woman behind the spinning wheel.

Balls of colored yarn.

An elderly woman works at a manual loom.

The process of creating fabric on the loom.

Spider in mid-web.

Harvesting cotton with the help of a food processor.

The process of pre-treatment of cotton.

Bales Packed with cotton on the conveyor belt.

The process of machine processing of cotton fibers and create threads.




Moscow [820]

Flora and fauna; Agriculture

Reel №2

Spider in mid-web.

Silk cocoons in the web.

Production processing of silk cocoons.

Sorting, soaking and steaming the cocoons.

The process of unwinding the cocoons.

A worker weaving factories at the machine.

The work of spinning machines.

Spinner eliminates thread breakage.

Inspection of the spinner machine in the process.

A worker weaving at the machine shop.

The work of automatic looms, the view of the shop silk weaving factory.

The process of making a dense jacquard fabrics.

Automatic painting of the finished fabric.

Interior view of an art workshop at a textile factory.

Artists create designs patterns for fabric.

The artist lays out the samples patterns.

A bouquet of flowers.

The process of drawing patterns and pictures on fabric using printing machines, the rosebuds.

Samples of painted fabrics.

Warehousing of the finished fabric.

Calendars and pictures printed on cloth and face workers.

Winding the coil of the finished fabric.

Samples of child and adult clothing with different colors, with patterns and drawings.

People walking down the street.

People on the stairs of the underpass.

Cobweb in the woods on the branch of a coniferous tree.

A spider spinning a web.




Moscow [820]

Artists; Visual Arts; Flora and fauna; Geography and Nature