What we commemorated.. (1988)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A. Torgalo

Script writers: O. Francen

Operators: V. Bezenkov, N. Popov

Recordist: N. Roginskaya

Other authors: M. Horol, E. Prohorenko


The film raises issues of stimulating the development of botanical crops without chemicals.

Science | Biology

Reel №1

The horse's eyes.

Woman brushing her horse in the stable.

The spectators at the races.

Horse racing at the racetrack.

The germination of plants (fast mode).

Filling bags with fertilizers on the automatic line, view potato fields.

A cat eats grass.

Mountain landscape (above).

People are hiding from the rain under leaves Sakhalin burdock.

A scientist inspects and cuts the stalk "bear duduki".

The rider rides through the herb beds.

Thickets Valerian on Sakhalin.


Germinating beans (fast mode).

Sprout reaches for the sun in different positions.

Experiments on the extraction of growth substances - auxin in vitro.

The stalk of the beans takes root under the action of auxin.

Panorama Apple orchard in winter.

Opened Apple blossoms.

Bee on a flower.

Daisies in a meadow.

Rural summer landscape, children are riding.

A synthetic growth regulator in the chemical laboratory.

To produce fertilizer in the form of tablets.

Packaging potassium salt.

Working laboratory equipment.

Scientists are discussing the problem of creation of the plant growth regulators.

The process of germination groups of seeds with a germination accelerator and without (fast mode).

Planting in the ground cuttings impregnated with a solution of synthetic growth accelerator.

The extract of seedlings obtained from the shoots.

Ripening tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Processing of strawberry plantations with growth retardants.

Tractor rides along the field.

View strawberry plantations, berries under bushes.

Treatment of bushes of red currants with a solution of an accelerator of growth.

Comparison of fruit from treated and untreated bushes.

Processing of barley controller of slower growth to reduce lodging.




Moscow [820]


Summer [824]


Reel №2

The girl's face.

The experiment with the cell in its purest form.

The influence of the doping control on the growth of a flower (fast mode).

Plants in flasks.

Reining horse.

The spectators at competitions in show jumping.

The horse takes the obstacles.

Girl-the technician said opening (synchronously).

The types of running the forest, cobwebs on the branches of trees.

Surf at sunset.

View of dead trees.

Trees with dried branches.

Academician V. S. Shevelukha speaks of the necessity of control of chemical regulators on the proposed system of control over the genetics of the plant, on the application of regulators as a temporary measure, transfer of crops and livestock on the biological basis(synchronously).

Employees of laboratory of genetic monitoring.

Scientists are monitoring the growth of plants with special equipment, take readings of devices, those scientists.

Bathing horses in the river.

Children ride on horseback.


Sheveluha Viktor Stepanovich -- biologist, breeder, politician




Moscow [820]

Figures of science