The President of the Guinean Republic in the Soviet Union.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Buslaev V., Grek I., Lozovskiy E., Oshurkov M., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Nagornyy S.


About the stay of the President of the Republic of Guinea Ahmed Ture in the USSR.

Historical background

In autumn 1959, the President of the Republic of Guinea, Sekou Toure arrived on a visit to Moscow, and toured the Soviet Union.

Temporary description

Meeting at the Vnukovo airport of the President of the Republic of Guinea, Sekou Toure. Bypass of honor. A welcome speeches Voroshilov and S. Tura. Visit S. Toure Voroshilov, meeting with members of the Government of the USSR; Present: Andrei Gromyko, Alexei Kosygin, FR Kozlov. Sekou Toure and his entourage at the ballet Gliere "Red Flower" at the Bolshoi Theater. C. Inspection Tour of the Museum-apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin. Visit the Mausoleum of Lenin All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, Moscow State University. Travel S. Toure in years. Tbilisi, Leningrad, Gagra. Getting the city. Receive NA Javakhishvili, Nikita Khrushchev (in Gagra); visit the Leningrad Metal Plant. City of Moscow. Signature FR Kozlov and S. Toure Soviet-Guinean communique. A Soviet-Guinean friendship in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Speakers: FR Kozlov, S. Toure.

Reel №1

Landscape Guinea - LS.

PNRM. top to bottom.

Palm trees, among palm trees along the path are people - MS.

Landscape, shot through the palm trees - MS.

One of the most picturesque parts of the city Kanakri.

Of fruit and vegetables on the street, pedestrians, men and women on bicycles on the street.

State flags at government buildings.

Multi-storey government building (high-rise) in

Kanakri - MS.

Sekou Toure and his party come to the building.

A group of smiling Guineans - men and women - CU.

Gulf, shot through the palm of the sun - MS.

Vnukovo airport building, on the front of the building and the Guinean Soviet flags and portraits NS Khrushchev, KE Voroshilov and Sekou Toure, is found in the building - MS., CU., Evening.

Soviet and the Guinean flag - CU.

"IL-18" at the airport (night).

Meet with colorful flags at the airport.

Sekou Toure and attendants leave the plane.

KE Voroshilov, FR Kozlov, MV Suslov, Mukhitdinov etc. welcome Sekou Toure at the airport.

Ambassador of Guinea to the USSR Seydou Conte welcomes Sekou Toure.

Sekou Toure greets members of the diplomatic corps.

KE Voroshilov, Sekou Toure respond to greeting people at the airport.

KE Voroshilov and Sekou Toure bypass the honor guard at the airport was built in honor of the Guinean guest.

PNRM. guard of honor - MS.

March of honor - MS.

EA Furtseva, Sekou Toure, NT Ignatov, AN Kosygin and others at the airport.

Muhshadinov, MA Suslov, FR Goats at the airport.

The microphone opening speech says KE Voroshilov.

With the response the speaker Sekou Toure.

Kremlin from the Moskva River (fall, snow) - LS.

KE Voroshilov in the Kremlin welcomes Sekou Toure, who came to visit him.

Friendly conversation between the Soviet and the Guinean representatives.

Sitting at a table: KE Voroshilov, AA Swedes, AA Gromyko, MP Giorgadze, Sekou Toure, President of the National Assembly Sayfulay Diallo, Minister of Interior and Security Keith Fedeba, Ambassador of Guinea to the USSR Seydou Conte.

Sekou Toure meeting with members of the Government of the USSR in the Kremlin, the Soviet side in the conversation involved FR Kozlov, AN Kosygin, AA Gromyko.

With the Guinean side - Sekou Toure Sayfulay Diallo and others

Bolshoi Theatre - LS., Night.

Auditorium, PNRM. on the government box - MS.

In the box: NE Voroshilov, Sekou Toure and Sayfulay Diallo with their wives.

FR Kozlov

The audience greeted the guests.

A scene from the ballet Griera "red flower."

People's Artist of the USSR dancing Ulanova.

The audience applauded - LS., CU.

Guests from Guinea, accompanied by KE Voroshilov on stage after the performance acquainted with the artists.

Moscow - LS., From the top of the winter.

Kutuzov Avenue overlooking the hotel "Ukraine» - LS.


Bitter - MS., LS.

Kremlin - LS., Snowing

Ivan the Great Bell, shot through the Christmas trees - MS., PNRM. to other churches.

The building in the Kremlin, where he worked VI Lenin - LS.

In study VI Lenin are Sekou Toure and his wife and other Guinean guests.

Guests visiting the office and listen to the explanations of the guide.

PNRM. Desktop VI Lenin.

Books - PNRM., MS.

Sekou Toure makes an entry in the guest book - CU.

Mausoleum Lenin IV Stalin - MS.

The honor guard at the entrance to the mausoleum - MS.

Guinean guests lay a wreath at the foot of the mausoleum and go to the Mausoleum.

National flags on car Guinean guests - CU.

Red Square, a car with an escort of motorcyclists in the area.

Guinean guests on cars with an escort of motorcyclists passing on Gorky Street - LS.

Escort travels through the Soviet Era.

Guinean guests get acquainted with the achievements of the Soviet Union at the exhibition.

Pavilion of the USSR - MS., Winter.

"TU-134" on the show.

Guests enter the hall of the Academy of Sciences.

Model rocket in the pavilion - CU.

Models of the third satellite, space station hall, Sekou Toure and other Guinean guests get acquainted with the exhibits hall science.

Layout of a nuclear reactor - MS.

Model of the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin".

MSU - LS., Winter, MS.

MSU students in the hall welcome Sekou Toure of Guinea and other guests.

Welcoming speech student Lyudmila Dergacheva.

With the response the speaker Sekou Toure.

Students applaud - LS., MS., CU.

Sekou Toure in a circle with students at Moscow State University students from Africa.

Reel №2

Tbilisi - LS., With the top point, summer.

Monument VI Lenin in Tbilisi - LS., Behind.

Individual picturesque areas of the city.

Welcome slogan in Georgian after Guinean guests on a street in Tbilisi - MS.

The people in the streets of Tbilisi welcomes arriving in vehicles Sekou Toure.

Mecca Toure hand waving from the people.

The building of the Council of Ministers of the Georgian SSR - MS.

Visit of President Sekou Toure of the Supreme Soviet of Georgia GS Dzotsenidze and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the GV Javakhishvili.

Mukhitdinov, arrived together with the Guinean guests at the reception leaders of the Georgian SSR - CU.

Friendly conversation Sekou Toure and Dzotsenidze Javakhishvili involving Mukhitdinova and others.

The facade of the building of Tbilisi Opera House, decorated by the Soviet and the Guinean flag - MS.

Sekou Toure and his wife in the theater, the audience welcomed guest.

Mukhitdinov Dzotsenidze and others in the audience of the theater - PNRM., MS.

A scene from the ballet Georgian composer Magavariani "Othello", in the role of Othello, People's Artist of the USSR Vakhtang Chubukiani (synchronously).

The audience applauded - MS.

Sekou Toure, his wife, Sayfullaev Diallo and others applauded.

Landscapes of the Black Sea in Gagra - MS., PNRM.

Sekou Toure and his wife in Gagra - MS.

NS Khrushchev resting in Gagra, host to the Guinean guests and accompanying persons Shvedova and Mukhitdinova.

Sekou Toure, Sayfullaev Diallo Seydou Conte at the reception of NS Khrushchev.

PNRM. landscape Black Sea Coast - LS.

Leningrad - winter, ice on the Neva - LS.

Embankment with a sculpture of a lion - LS.

The bridge across the river.

Monument to Peter I - LS.

Guinean guests on vehicles passing through the streets of Leningrad with an escort of motorcyclists.

Poster on the street, "Long live the Soviet-Guinean friendship."

Sekou Toure and his entourage at a metal plant them.

Kirov familiar with the equipment.

Talking with the workers.

Smiling workers - CU., MS.

The machine handles large turbine parts - MS., CU.

Moscow - LS., Winter.

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

Signing of a joint Soviet-Guinean communiqué on November 26 at the Grand Kremlin Palace, the communique signed by the Soviet side - First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, FR Goats and the Guinean side - President and Prime Minister of the Republic Gvneyskoy Sekou Toure.

Present: KE Voroshilov, AN Kosygin, NM Shvernik, AM Cecil, O. Kuusinen, NT Ignatov, EA Furtseva, LI Brezhnev, NA Mukhitdinov AA Mikhailov, S. Diallo, Seydou Coast and others.

The signing of the Soviet-Guinean communiqué - CU.

Rally of friendship between the peoples of the Soviet Union and the Republic of Guinea in the Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

Present in the room with applause greeted the guests and the Guinean leaders of the Party and the Soviet state.

In the government box sitting Mrs.

Sekou Toure and Mrs.


The presidium meeting Sekou Toure, FR Kozlov, KE Voroshilov, NM Shvernik, NA Mukhitdinov NI Beaver, Conte Seydou Keita Fodeba and others.

From the podium is the working-grinder Kurkin.

From the platform welcomes guests director of the Africa Academy of Sciences of the USSR Potekhin.

With the speaker, First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, FR Kozlov (synchronously).

Acts Sekou Toure (synchronously).

The audience listen, applaud - LS., MS., CU.

Vnukovo airport building, Soviet, and the Guinean flag on the building - MS.

PNRM. KE Voroshilov, Sekou Toure pass from the terminal building to the aircraft, the people welcomed them.

Sekou Toure at the plane goodbye KE Voroshilov, MA Suslov, EA, Furtseva, NA Mukhitdinov, NT Ignatov and others, and takes place on the plane.

Departing mourners waving their hands.

Decorated with the state flags of the USSR, and Guinea - MS.