Framework for the protection of the population. (1982)

Documentary №52024, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:51
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ciganov M.


Set of measures to protect the population from weapons of mass destruction. By order of the USSR civil defense headquarters.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Civil defense siren sounds, people leave their homes and go in the direction of air-raid shelters.

The signaling device on the roof.

Factory workers stop machines.

Workers leaving the plant.

People come in the door shelters.

People walk down the corridor.

Split screen: walking along a country road evacuation of people in the corridors of bomb shelters, gas mask fitting.

Underground corridors of asylum.

Protective materials section.

The pipes on the ceiling.

Hermetically closed doors.

Explosion protection mechanisms.

Ventilation system.

Tanks for water.

A worker checks the equipment.

Kerosene lamps.

Food stocks.

Medical Center.

Emergency exit.

Using shelters as warehouses in peacetime.

Preparing shelters to accept people.

People come to the shelter and sit on the benches.

Top view of a vaulted hall of the Metro train arrives.

The passengers on the escalators.

The rise of the escalator.

Descent to the transition.

In the transition go on duty police officer and a member of staff of civil defense behind them rise the protective metal.

Steel structures are blocking the passage.

Entrance to the mine.

Near the entrance to a bus stop, the passengers get out and sent into the mine.

People in the corridors of the mine.

Blocking the mine entrance.

Entrance to the basement.

The man closes the entrance to the basement.

Man repairing door.

Man pours a bucket of coal.


The basement is divided into sections by wooden partitions.

Masters knock together bunks.

Cans for drinking water.

Entrance to the cellar.

A woman comes into the cellar.

Women putting a bucket on the table, collects the water in a mug.

Residential corner in the basement.

People in the construction and equipment shelters.

Fortified trench.

People go to the railway station building.

Work precast evacuation points.

Removal of civilian people by road.

Landing on the ship.

Passengers board the plane.

Landing on a cargo ship.

From the platform the train departs.

Evacuation on private vehicles.

The organized movement of the walking group on the street.

The ship on the river.

Train departure.

Trucks arrive at the final destination.

A group of people at the receiving evacuation points.

Registration and accommodation arrivals.

Warehouse protective equipment.

People are given a set of personal protective equipment.

Distribution of kits in the workplace.

Our stores masks.

Fit masks in size.

People come to the house.

Girls obmeryayut people's heads and give appropriate masks.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

Mother give baby a protective chamber.

People come into the tent.

Checking the gas masks in the fumigation chamber.

Manufacture of protective breathing masks.

Air raid alarm.

Workers leaving the plant.

Single-engine plane takes off.

The pilots in the cockpit.


Reconnaissance aircraft in the air.

Scouts enter the city by rail.


Scout opens the door to the cab of the truck.

Scout reports on the situation.

Operational duty receives information.

In connection, the Chief of Staff.

Specialists make notes on the map.

People in the shelter.

Wall clock.

Emergency first aid kit.

People take drugs.

People wearing breathing masks and leave the shelter.

Dealing with the consequences of infection: cleaning equipment.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Watering machines clean the streets.

People wash their vehicles.

Disinfection of clothing.

Self-treatment of clothes when leaving the infected area.

The girl cleans the face.

Processing shoe.

People come to the tent corridor.

Inside people take a shower.

Specialists in protective suits check clothes.

When individual monitoring.

Medical workers get off the bus.

Sampling of soil, water, vegetation.

Laboratory SES. The study of samples under a microscope.

Lowered border gate, a group of people to be sent home.

Panorama of the village.

Nurses in masks go through the gate.

Nurses are in the house.

Streaming vaccination of the population.

Truck pulls up to the loading dock.

People unload the truck.

Products in boxes on the shelves.

Issuing products to the public.

Providing medical assistance to the victims.

The evacuation of the wounded.

Past the platform the train passes.

Powered radar equipment.

Alert civil defense.

City streets: people organized groups sent to the asylum.

Warning on TV.

Woman taking documents off the TV and displays from the apartment the children.

People come to the metro station.

People in the underground corridors.

Closes the door shelters.

Types of empty city.

The flow of urban transport.

People on the streets.

Scenes from the meetings of NATO. Rocket launch.

Split screen: various models of military aircraft in the air, missile, missile transportation, foreign military base.

Activities of civil defense with the population.

Evacuation and rescue in the fire zone.


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