Homo futuris (1994)

Documentary №52073, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:57
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kobrin V.
Screenwriters:Tarnoruder L.
Camera operators:Ivanov V.



Movie computer movie attempts a metaphorical visualization problems "top" and "bottom".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Computer graphics: open the doors of the subway car.

Rotating human figure, a spiral.

The appearance of human figures of the tubes.

Transformation of geometric shapes in the scene.

You receive a sheet of newspaper.

The transformation of the sheet in the double-headed eagle, the appearance in the circle of a distorted human face.

Lowered bars, symbols of the trees behind them down the circle.

A symbolic image of the second hand of the watch.

The figure of a naked man walking past the arches of a newspaper page, the man removes his head and throws it.

The transformation of an abandoned head in a distorted face.

The hills, lips in the background of the newspaper page.

Rotating human figure.

A staircase leading up.

Pissed on a human figure walking on the arches of the news sheet and along them, the number of arches increases with distance, the top of the pyramid of the arches is a spinning ball with lips.

Stairs, transformation of the human eye.

The image of predatory fish above the tables.

The vaults of the underground tunnel.

Fantastic fish with side arms.

The transformation of the lights in the chandelier.

Fork, United teeth, the tower with many of the lips, the lips open and close.

The transformation of the female figure, a fork stuck iridescent colors.

For the stuck plug closes the curtain.

Organ pipes and keys, changing shape.

Opening the curtain, the flower of razlichayushchikhsya lips.

Hands with forks instead of fingers on the keys of the organ.

The falling lights, the transformation of the bird's wings, repeating pattern.

Sheet of newspaper.

A roulette wheel, it run balls.

Open the stone gate, appear thin trunks and branches of trees.

Rise of the seated human figurines made of wood, build a figures.

Roulette wheel, the words "Future" in English and Russian languages on the sectors of the roulette wheel, the stone gate is closed.

The ball flies through the pipes, gets into the details of the movement, flying past the trees.

Changing shape of double-headed eagle with balls instead of heads.

Stand wooden figurines, figurines in the ranks.

The ball flies through the pipes, floating mechanical fish spinning human figure.

Fluctuations of shadows, distorted shapes of insects and animals.

Stamped human figures rise up.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Computer graphics: submarine moving in the hallway.

A fantastic insect in the background of the newspaper page.

From a large submarine are its reduced copy, the boat disappears in the wall of the corridor.

The insect with the gun barrel in the head.

Mirror the top and bottom.

Organ pipes, distorted trunks of trees, human lips., a combination of male and female characters.

Open the doors of the subway car, the balcony of the arch, human figures are thrown balls.

Double-headed eagle with the wrist instead of the head, mirror the top and bottom of human figures.

Feet at the top and bottom, the doors of the metro.

Oscillatory motion, mirror fish.

View of the metro escalator, a facial image, a mirror reflecting the female figure, fish.

The height of a human face, connect the male and female characters.

The Cup rotates on the pedestal, transformed by the double-headed eagle, the transformation of the Cup into the human figure.

Changing the bindings of patterns, a schematic depiction of a highway with cars, the spinning of the human figure, distorted view of the stage.

Open and close the doors of subway cars.

Descending down the balls on the background of fine trees.

Seated human figures stand.

Quick change of characters and figures.

Kind of distorted, ever-changing rooms, stairs, shapes and symbols, receding into the distance universe.

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