Enlightenment. (1987)

Documentary №52103, 1 part, duration: 0:06:46
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Voronov R.


Kinozarisovka reflects the trend away from conflicts of the past to light and causes feelings of hope, optimism and revival.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the polar ice caps.

Expectant mother on the bed and stroking her stomach.

During the ice cracks.

Barefoot man in a tunic rises on a rock.

A woman goes into labor.

Man clings to the rocks.

Man hanging on a cliff above the sea.

The athlete jumps to sixth.

High jump from the takeoff.

Man hanging on a cliff.

Fingers clinging to a crack in the rocks.

An athlete breaks the wall and hangs on insurance.

The man in the tunic was crawling up the wall.

Stone falls off.

Man breaks and hangs on the insurance.

Pushing the bar.

The athlete drops the barbell and falls.

People carry the injured athlete.

Sportsman with a barbell.

Runners go to start.

During breaks pole jump, the athlete falls to the mat.

Those viewers.

Fall athlete on the cycle track.

The judge looks at the camera.

Unsuccessful pole vault.

She cries on the podium.

Runner at the finish.

The athlete falls, it picked up and wrapped in a blanket.

Dawn above the sea.

Above the forest the sun rises.


The man with the horse standing in the water near the shore.

The solar disk.

The camera focuses on a flowering dandelion.

The field is a young family.

From the egg hatches chick.

Expands rosebud.

Trembling larva.

Runners on a low start.

A shot of the starting gun.

Swimmers throw themselves into the water.

The starter raises his gun.

Start runners.

Irises bloom.

Doctor metric binds the hands of a newborn baby.

Blossoming rose.

Face of a young mother.

Naked woman dancing in a field.

Violet blooms.

From the egg hatched chick quail.

Twitching larva.

A butterfly flaps its wings.

Nestling dries.

Pop polar ice.

The storm in the northern seas.

Sea shore.

The man in the tunic climbing on the rock.

The man at the top.

Panorama Mountains.

The man goes down from a cliff on the insurance.

Landing parachutist.

View climber descending from the ground up.

A jumper on the beach.

The athlete chooses a pole.

A good pole vault.

High Jump with takeoff.

Runner bowing and waving to the public.

The runner crosses the finish line.

Athletes embrace.

Runners complete the race.

Sportsman with a barbell.

People relax on the beach.

Sportsman with a barbell.

Players in water polo.

On the podium cheering girl.

Squeaking duck.

Alternation: people playing in the river, turn on the fountain.

Splashes of water.

A man throws a rope from a cliff.

Mountain waterfall.

Climber on the wall of the waterfall.

Splashes of water.

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