Experience and Joel Thompson. (1979)

Documentary №52134, 1 part, duration: 0:09:33
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:A. Marutyan
Screenwriters:Yu. Vasiljev
Camera operators:S. Gorbachev
Sound mixer:M. Dmitrieva
Other authors:S. Shtirkova



Educational film for university students, telling about the experience of Joule-Thompson.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Scientists are preparing equipment for the Joule-Thompson experiment, carrying a container of nitrogen.

Preparation of nitrogen tanks for loading.

A covered van pulls up in reverse to the containers made up on the site.

The physicist goes to work in the corridor, closes the door behind him.

View of the classroom (top).

The teacher gives a lecture on the Joule-Thompson experience.

Cooling of the surface with nitrogen vapor.

The teacher at the blackboard.

Creating a model of an ideal gas, collisions of molecules in the chaotic motion of gas molecules (animation).

The equation of state for the kilomole.

The teacher writes a formula for the kinetic energy of molecules on the blackboard.

A model of a real gas, where the molecules interact with each other by the forces of electromagnetic and quantum nature (animation).

The formula of the potential energy of the interaction of molecules in the internal energy of real gases.

Attracting molecules of a real gas (animation).

The formula for correcting for the natural volume of molecules when they are repelled.

The teacher writes the Van der Valls equation on the blackboard.

Demonstration of the connection of a gas with external bodies that introduce it into a closed volume (animation).

Demonstration of the Joule and Thompson experience scheme (animation).

The teacher's face.

The Van der Valls equation on the blackboard.

The motion of molecules during the expansion of the gas with an increase in the repulsive forces of the molecules and the predominance of the attractive forces of the molecules, with a decrease in the temperature of the gas (animation).

The action of the device for expanding the gas and turning it into a liquid.

Filling special containers with liquid.

Laboratory equipment for the synthesis of liquid gases for operation at low temperatures.

Internal views of the laboratory.

Placing a bottle of donated blood in a cryostat with liquid gas for preservation.

Start of the comic ship.

Liquid filling of cryostats.

Workers pick up and carry away containers of liquid nitrogen.

Teacher at the department in the classroom.

Portraits of Joule and Thompson.

View of the lecture hall.

Calendar: 1979

Locations: Moscow

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