Experience maintenance excavator EO - 3323. (1986)

Documentary №52171, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:49
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Senchukov Yu.
Screenwriters:Liber M.
Camera operators:Kryuchkin V.


A new model of excavator developed and launched into production.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The excavator is being installed in production.

The driver's cab is mounted.

Production of the universal single-bucket excavator EO-3323 at the Kalinin Excavator Plant.

Excavator of this model on a fragment of the pit.

The depth of the pit is 4.5 meters.

The digging radius is 7.75 meters.

An economical diesel engine is installed on the excavator.

The highest unloading height is 4.7 meters.

Transportation of an excavator on open railway platforms in winter.

During the daily maintenance, the reliability of the attachment of the excavator mechanisms, the oil level in the engine crankcase, the working fluid in the hydraulic system, the coolant level in the radiator is checked.

The bucket joints are lubricated.

Camel on the background of historical buildings of Samarkand.

Checking the operation of the excavator.

The excavator rides through the streets of the ancient city.

The excavator has two hydraulic supports and a blade support.

The volume of the excavator bucket is 0.63 m3.

The support blade performs the work of a bulldozer.

After 60 hours of operation, maintenance (maintenance) of excavator No. 1 is carried out.

It is necessary to lower the working equipment to the ground, stop the engine, turn off the mass, relieve pressure in the hydraulic system, set the levers to the neutral position.

A set of tools supplied with the excavator.

Other operations to prepare the excavator for maintenance.

List of maintenance operations No. 1.

The excavator easily moves among the ancient buildings of Samarkand.

The car easily moves to a new facility.

The operating temperature range is from -40 to +40 degrees.

The excavator is working on digging a pit.

Key words

Operation parameters.

Locations: Samarkand [906]


Kalininsky Excavator Plant.

Reel №2

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After 240 hours of operation, maintenance (maintenance) No. 2 is required.

A mobile vehicle for carrying out maintenance is going.

Panorama of the frozen river.

Maintenance of the excavator using a mobile maintenance station at night.

TO No. 2 includes all operations on TO No. 1.

Additional operations.

The lubrication scheme of the excavator.

During the day, the excavator is working again at the construction site.

Additional equipment of the excavator at the request of the buyer.

Easy installation of additional equipment.

Various types of buckets for installation on an excavator.

After 960 engine hours, it is necessary to carry out maintenance No. 3.

To do this, you need special equipment and stands.

The excavator drives into the building of a stationary workshop.

In addition to the previous operations, additional operations are carried out.

Electrical equipment devices and assemblies, and other operations are dismantled and checked on the stands.

It's finished, the excavator is working again.

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